Mom Meets Her Rainbow Baby in Incredibly Powerful Photo Series

Mom Meets Her Rainbow Baby in Incredibly Powerful Photo Series

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Laura Fifield Photography

Every birth is emotional and powerful, but that's especially true when a "rainbow baby" is born. That's because these very special infants ("rainbow baby" is the term for babies born after a miscarriage or stillbirth) are proof that there is reason to hope, and that dreams do come true. So when birth photographer Laura Fifield had the opportunity to photograph one couple's rainbow birth, she had a feeling the photos would be unforgettable ... and she was right. Fifield's subjects, a couple named Lila and Tim, were thrilled when Lila found out she was pregnant with their third child.

But just a week or so later, Lila started having severe pain: She was experiencing a tubal pregnancy. Despite her being under medical supervision, Lila's tube ruptured and she was rushed into emergency surgery.

"I was heartbroken and my husband was terrified at the thought that he had almost lost his wife and mother to his children," Lila wrote on Fifield's blog. "Through tear filled eyes I cried out to God asking 'why?' I was scared and confused. I got only one response: 'through this I will bring joy.'"

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Miraculously, one year later, Lila and Tim welcomed a daughter, Audrey Joy, into the world (appropriate name choice!). And when they did, Fifield was there to capture every moment.

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