Watch This Baby 'Pop Out' of Mom's Belly During a Gentle C-Section

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As much as we like to think that the womb is a warm and cozy atmosphere for baby, some of these little guys just can't wait to see the world. In an amazing video shared by a doctor in Venezuela, one infant can be seen "popping out" of his mama's belly during a gentle C-section. You have to watch it to fully grasp the wonder of it.

Gentle C-sections strive to provide both mother and baby with an experience that more closely mirrors a natural birth. And when you look at this, you can see how it really does seem so much like exiting through the birth canal. Take a look: 

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Pretty amazing, right? Like, "Peek-a-boo! I'm here!" What a sweet face!

Not only does this look like a calm and smooth birth experience, but it also serves an important purpose. During a gentle C-section, more time is taken to allow the baby to come out slowly, as one would during a vaginal birth. As babies push their way out, their chests are squeezed so that the fluid in their lungs -- which is usually pushed out during a vaginal delivery -- is removed. In many cases, barring complications, the mom is handed her newborn right away and the two can begin bonding immediately.

Here's another stunning birth from the same doctor's Instagram account. Look at how gentle this arrival into the world is. We should all be lucky enough to have such peaceful births -- both for the mother's and baby's sakes.

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While this is obviously still surgery, it sure looks like a peaceful way to be born. What an amazing look at the process! When this boy seems to move his own umbilical cord and stretch out as if to say "Ta-da!" it's just unbelievable. 

For moms who are facing a C-section, these close-up looks at gentle C-sections could provide inspiration for a smooth and beautiful birth experience.

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