15 Infertility Myths That Screw With Your Head

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Dealing with infertility is hard enough without all the unsolicited "advice" that well-meaning friends, family members, and even strangers insist on sharing. Not only is this kind of counsel typically pointless because every couple is different, but these tips are generally based on old wives' tales and misinformation.


"There are so many myths out there regarding fertility and pregnancy," Mary Jane Minkin, MD, clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Yale University, told CafeMom. "I'll start with one that my mother's obstetrician told to her when she was pregnant with me," said Dr. Minkin.

"My relatives were driving her crazy with these stupid old wives' tales, so he told her, 'Look, I'll tell you the only true one. If at some point during your pregnancy you see a man naked, there's a good chance your baby will be born naked.' So I tell that to my patients also when they are barraged by these crazy myths!"

The best way to stay sane is to ignore what people say, Dr. Minkin added. But it can also help to arm yourself with facts, so that when your mother-in-law (or sister, or cousin, or anybody) tries to give you some ridiculous explanation for why you're having a hard time getting pregnant, you can do a little on-the-spot myth-busting. Read on to find out what some of the most common misconceptions about infertility are -- and if there's any truth behind them!

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