29 Baby Boy Names Expected to Dominate the Next Decade



We're not surprised to see Oliver made this list. We are over the moon it is slated to be the most popular for boys in the next decade. Although most of us know (or assume) Oliver comes from a French background, BabyNameWizard.com notes this adorable baby name also has roots in Middle Low German as it comes from Alfihar that loosely means "elf army." Cute.



Levi could well be the glue that helps hold the family together. Inspired by the Hebrew lēwī, Levi means "joining" or "adhesion" that reiterates this biblical name's power.



A child doesn't have to be "Hugh's son" to use this title. Hudson is an English surname that's quickly become a popular first name and continues to rise. Fitting for little boys and girls, Hudson earns a spot on this list for gents-in-training.



It's easy to admit that Asher is a pretty cute name -- and has such lovable meaning, too! Hebrew for "happy" and "blessed," Asher is a cuddly title that BabyNameWizard.com thinks will be all the rage in the next decade.



Those who fell in love with the Bible-inspired Asher might want to take a look at Ezra. Not only is this gender-neutral baby name distinctive in its own right, but it could be the saving grace and extra set of hands parents need as Ezra means "help" in Hebrew.

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It's great to see such a charming throwback name like Theodore on this list. Theodore is dashing, stately, and could reflect a future politician or influencer in the making. Greek in roots, Theodore comes from theos ("god") and dōron ("gift") that translates to "God's gift," a title that pretty much sums up what children are in their parents' eyes.



West siiide! (Kidding.) Weston might mean "from the West Town," but it's a baby name that's perfect for any little boy -- regardless of his geographic location. Weston is princely and gives us cute nicknames, such as West and Wes.



Surnames can make for wonderful first names. Bennett is a darling title parents can use for a boy or girl (it, however, ranks as a boy name that will be popular in the next decade) and has such a sweet meaning. Hailing from the Latin benedictus that means "blessed," the name Bennett will make any little boy shine.



Ready for another lovable baby name idea that just so happens to be gender neutral? Give Luca a try.

One of the reasons we adore the name Luca -- aside from the charming -ca ending -- is because it knows how to brighten up a day. Perhaps its meaning (Luca comes from the Latin lux that means "light") has something to do with it. 



Expectant parents looking for a strong name with a ton of gusto should look to Maximus. Aside from being the name of Russell Crowe's character in the epic film Gladiator (yup, those are some serious bragging rights), Maximus just sounds awesome and evokes Roman valor.

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Ah, another surname! Dean is one of those titles that whisks us away to the 1960s (it was a popular name back then), where we imagine ducktail hair, jeans, and leather jackets. (Did anyone else love Grease?) Pulling inspiration from the Old English denu that means "valley," dean also means "church official."



Judah is a baby name that packs its own punch and has deep roots in the Christian faith. Not only was Judah one of Jacob's 12 sons -- who later became the patriarch of the tribe of Judah -- but he was an ancestor of Jesus Christ, whose family descended from his lineage.



Something tells us the meaning of the name Beckett will hit close to home. Known as a "dweller near the brook," Beckett is definitely going to dwell in a home for many years -- decades, even. (Something tells us parents won't mind. *Wink*)



Doesn't this baby name just sound cool? Whether a parent is a fan of Music City (that would be Nashville, Tennessee) or is searching for a baby name with some zip, Nash is definitely a title to add to the short list. This gender-neutral English baby name had the original meaning of "at the ash tree" and is commonly associated with being loving and community-minded -- great characteristics any parents would want their son to have.



Whether parents had dreams of using the surname of a certain dreamy retired soccer player -- who looks amazing in a pair of undies -- or love names with a hint of English style, Beckham is a title they should consider for their little boy. English for "homestead by the stream," Beckham is a playful baby name option that brings nicknames such as Beck, Becks, or Ham. (Hey, it's an option.)



All parents want their children to be victorious throughout life, and those who bestow the name Nikolai on their sons might increase their odds. Pulling inspiration from the Greek nikē ("victory") and laos ("the people"), Nikolai means "victory of the people" -- which is pretty kickass.




A hugely popular name in New Zealand, this strong and distinctive name is gaining traction in the US. The moniker has several meanings -- for one, Arlo is the Italian Variant of the name "Charles" and but in Spanish the name means "barberry tree." 




With origins in Hinduism, Vihaan is the perfect name for a little boy who will inevitably the sunshine of his parents' life. After all in the name, which is derived from Sanskrit  means "dawn" or "first ray of sun."




The name Lennox is of Scottish and Gaelic origin and has been uncommon as a first name. But its aristocratic history as a last name gives it an extra special air as an unusual little boy's name.  




A short and sweet first name that packs a punch, the name Crew sounds like the ultimate cool guy name. Plus, Joanna and Chip Gaines of Fixer Upper fame named their sweetest new addition Crew -- and if it is cool enough for Joanna, its cool enough for us. 




Intending on raising a badass? The name Axton sounds like the embodiment of cool. Though typically heard a surname, using it for a first name definitely gives a little boy a cool edge. 




Pronounced "ER-ees" or "ER-eez," this strong boys name has deep roots in Greek mythology  after the god of war. It also just so happens to be one of the top 1,000 names in America. 




Briggs is already on the rise as a popular name, and definitely sounds like it will last quite a few decades that's to its originality and strength. 

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