15 Unusual & Beautiful Flower Names for Baby Girls

baby with flowers
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To celebrate the beauty of spring, we're looking for those colorful, fragrant flower names that are off the beaten path. They move beyond today's much beloved favorites like Violet, Rose, and Lily to florals that are a bit less expected. Some feel old-fashioned, others modern, but all are charming, evocative, and perfect for their own little flower. We found unique and new floral names for girls that might just strike the right chord. 


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Floral names have always held a special interest to parents. Every decade there seems to a new floral name that has captivated Americans attention, but what are the floral names that are trendy today? With the help of our friends at BabyNameWizard, we found some of the most beautiful and interesting floral baby girl names. Some might be names that our readers are very familiar with, others might be new names that they haven't heard before. But no matter what these names are beautiful, natural, and would fit into any garden. Floral names are feminine and sweet -- perfect for any little sweet pea. 

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Read on for 15 overlooked but beautiful flower names for baby girls that we can't get enough of. Such beautiful names! 

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