Mom Compares Single Baby Bump to Twin Pregnancy in Jaw-Dropping Video

twin vs single pregnancy
Natalie Bennett/YouTube
When you're expecting a baby, by the very end of your pregnancy, you probably can't imagine being any larger or more uncomfortable -- but then you think about having twins! Mom Natalie Bennett shared a video that shows a side-by-side comparison of her twin versus single pregnancy bump, and the difference is pretty staggering. (And it may just make your skin hurt in sympathy.)


The mom of 2-year-old twins boys has been documenting the difference between her first pregnancy and her second on her YouTube channel.

While of course there are some similarities (hello, exhaustion!), there's nothing that's as noticeably different as the size of Bennett's belly now that she's having just one baby. 

twin vs single pregnancy

Wild, right? Though both were shot at 36 weeks of pregnancy, add one more baby and wow! As Bennett points out, the difference between having one compared with two is truly photo-worthy. 

Just looking at the one on the left makes your tummy hurt, doesn't it? You wonder how this otherwise-petite woman is still even standing upright! 

"I had a huge body by the end. My belly was so ridiculously large it looked inhuman," she noted in the video. 

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And once you see this video, you can't look away! 

The head-on shot is just too much! We totally get why her pic has garnered so much attention and how others were unsure of what they were even looking at. 

"I had a huge torpedo belly sticking out like a freaking shelf. It was so heavy," the good-natured mama said with a laugh. 

Though Bennett has to be busier than ever keeping up with her little ones while very pregnant with her next child, it sounds like this pregnancy isn't taking nearly the toll on her physically that her first did. Thankfully, her skin stretched so much the first time, this single occupant put no additional strain on her.

Not that we didn't already, but this photo really makes us bow down to moms of multiples! 

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