41 Baby Girl Names That Will Be Wildly Popular in the Next Decade

Tanvier Peart | Nov 26, 2019 Pregnancy
41 Baby Girl Names That Will Be Wildly Popular in the Next Decade
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When parents choose a baby name for their child, they want it to not only represent their son or daughter, but also have true staying power. Trendy names might be cool based on the show everyone's obsessed with at the moment, but moms- and dads-to-be often hunt far and wide for a moniker that will be a popular choice for years. When it comes to baby girl names, there are an overflow of options that reigned during different decades. But what if we said you'd be able to forecast swoon-worthy baby names of the future right now? After all, it doesn't get trendier than looking ahead instead of behind. 

We looked ahead to the names that won't just be cool going into 2020, but names that we predict will have true staying power throughout the next decade. There are lots of ways to look ahead at future name trends including taking a look at names that are already following growing trends, pop culture, and cultural phenomena that already have had an impact on baby names.

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We also sought the help of Laura Wattenberg of Baby Name Wizard, who explains that to her the best way to measure the longevity of popularity of a name is to look at names that are "already rising steadily." Because names are cyclical, they can also take a long time to rise or fade in popularity and be pervasive through longer stretches of time.

So without further ado, here are some of our top picks for what we predict will be the most popular baby names of the 2020s.


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    An Irish last name that has become a trendy baby name in its own right, Kiernan is bound to rise in popularity due to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actress Kiernan Shipka. The name originated from a similar-sounding last name Tiernan, but we think Kiernan works a wee bit better.


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    We do anticipate that Billie Eilish fever is going to hit baby name trends. But using the name Billie for girls isn't anything new. The name was really popularized in the 20s and 30s, but much like other "boy" names, like Charlie, it will most gain a following for not being too feminine.


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    A name that rolls off the tongue, Alaiya is bound to make a splash in the decade to come. Popularized by the show Love and Hip Hop, we predict that Alaiya has only started to become popular but its future is bright.


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    What a sweet little name with a chic flair. A variant of the name Emilie, which means "rival." Emmeline is the diminutive of Emilie, making its meaning "little rival." Pretty cute!


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    A floral name that has a lot of spunk, we love the name Juniper. Taken from the shrub of the same name, Juniper has been gradually rising in popularity since 2011, but as we head into the 2020s that trend is only going to continue.

  • REMI

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    Adorable, but yet fashionable, Remi has been popular and will stay popular for the next 10 years. Name Berry states that the name has French origins and means "oarsman."


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    Although it's not clear where the name Imogen comes from, the name has Shakespearean roots. Imogen is the first recorded heroine in Shakespeare play Cymbeline and is thought to be a misprint of the name Innogen, which is means "girl, maiden."


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    A beautiful name that is bound to catch attention, we love the name Aarna. Aarna is an Indian name and according to India Baby Names, means "Goddess Laxmi" and is a Hindu name.

  • NOA

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    We like Noa because it's not too girly. Name Berry states that the name is actually Hebrew and from the Old Testament. It also means "movement" or "motion" and the name has recently become popular in Spain. 


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    While didn't originate in the South, we have to admit that Avalynn has a southern flavor. The perfect mix of Ava and Lynn, it's a combo name that has an unusual spelling. So cute!

  • KIKI

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    Everyone loves the name Kiki, but most people wouldn't know that it has Scandinavian origins. A nickname for Kristina, Kiki recently was popularized in the movie If Beale Street Could Talk. 


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    A name that is a wee bit tomboy-ish, Name Berry states that Teagan has Irish and Welsh origins. But what we like is that Teagan is the next generations versions of Megan and Reagan.

  • AURA


    In 2018, only 120 baby girls were named Aura, Name Berry tells us, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have potential. Aura is the natural successor to other A names like Arya or Aria and we know that's exactly why it's going to become a hit.


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    We can blame Reese Witherspoon for this one. Between her hit show Big Little Lies and her clothing line she's never been more popular. According to Name Berry, Reese is the phonetic spelling of a Welsh name meaning "ardor."


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    Some people might think that Pearl is a granny name, but we like to think it has an old school charm. From 1880 to 1920, Pearl was one a Top 100 name, according to Name Berry, but in recent years it's definitely had an upswing. 

  • NOVA

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    Nova began the 20th century in a solid position in terms of popularity, but then fell off the chart in the 1940s. Recently it's made a roaring comeback now that space names have come back in vogue.

  • ADAH

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    The pet name of Adele, which means "noble" and Adelaide, meaning "noble one," Adah is a nifty variation. The name also has biblical roots which gives it an extra-special meaning.

  • MIKA

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    The name Mika has origins in Hungary, Japan, and Russia and means "beautiful fragrance," Name Berry states. But most people might remember the name from early 2000s singer Mika.


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    According to Name Berry, Briar means "a thorny patch," and the name has English origins. Briar has also won over the hearts of several celebrities, including couple Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen.

  • Eliora

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    Name Berry states that Eliora is a Hebrew name that means "the Lord is my light." But we like that it's melodic and rolls off the tongue. Plus it's a name that no one else is going to have, but still sounds forward fresh.

  • NORA

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    What was haute in the 1880s looks to be a fashion-forward choice in modern times! As Laura Wattenberg notes, the name Nora is dripping with popularity that could carry on into the next decade. Thought to be a short name for classic titles such as Eleanor and Leonora, Nora is also hails from Honora, which pulls inspiration from the Latin "honor."


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    Whether you're a fan of this feather-shaped pattern for style purposes or just so happen to love how it sounds, Paisley is here to stay. A noted town in Scotland, Paisley is also Scottish for "church" or "cemetery." (That will give you a few bonus points should this info ever come up in a trivia game.)


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    Hmm, you have to wonder if Annabelle's popularity has anything to do with the 2014 horror film of the same name. (Nope, too scary to think about!) In happier news, Annabelle appears to be a source for inspiration and tons of affectionate feels, as the name comes from the Latin amābilis, which means "lovable" and the Gaelic Ainè for "joy." Yeah, we'll stick with thinking happy thoughts about Annabelle.

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  • LUCY

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    This baby name has been around for centuries (it was a popular title during the 1880s) and continues to make a splash with its illuminating aura. Derived from the Latin lux that means "light," Lucy is a charming title you can't help but love.


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    You better sashay, Shante! Naomi is a fierce name that evokes supermodel feels, thanks to the iconic Naomi Campbell. Known for being "delightful" and "beautiful" -- thanks to its association with the Hebrew Naamah -- daughters named Naomi will be ready for the runway in no time.



    We're not surprised to see Hazel make this list. Once all the rage in the 1890s, this title continues to turn head as Hazel is considered an unusual name that's very popular. Yup, we're fans.

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    Expectant parents who are looking for a moniker with royal feels should consider Kinsley. Pronounced KINZ-lee, Kinsley is English for "king's meadow." Gives us the vision of rolling green hills somewhere calm, exciting, and Lord of the Rings–ish!


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    Speaking of greenery and outdoor serenity, Willow is another baby name option on this list parents should consider. Baby Name Wizard notes Willow has a "graceful appearance" that sounds dreamy and wonderful and elegant. Yeah, keep Willow on your short list.

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    Most parents would love for their children to live a life full of honor and virtue -- and should you happen to name your daughter Adalyn, you might get just that. Pronounced A-də-lin, Adalyn pulls inspiration from Adele and means "noble" or "noble one" that will make moms- and dads-to-be swoon.


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    Emery is a gender neutral title that might appear to be cute and cuddly, but it's a name associated with being tough and hardworking. German for "industrious," Emery is a name that's striking and truly unforgettable. 

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    Arabella is one of those names that stays in your memory for a long time. It's unusual, impactful, and quite darling. Noted as a Latin title that means "yielding to prayer," Arabella is also associated with the name Annabel that comes from the Latin amābilis, which means "lovable." So fitting!