11 Unconventional Baby Shower Ideas That May Ease Your Stress

pregnant woman at baby shower

Baby showers are meant to be a happy, sweet moment during pregnancy where friends and loved ones convene to show some love for you and your soon-to-be baby. But they can also be a source of anxiety. For example: Maybe you have a ton of strong personalities in your family that makes events complicated, or you hate the idea of being the center of attention.


Luckily we're living in a moment where it's okay to buck baby shower tradition. Many pregnant women are adopting personalized approaches to the event. This way every mom-to-be can celebrate her baby without feeling an overwhelming responsibility to adhere to antiquated rules -- especially if they're stressing her out.

These 11 women were about to avoid their biggest baby shower stressors and alleviate any and all unnecessary issues. Feel free to steal some of their unconventional ideas.

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