'Vagina Ice Pops' Are the Post-Birth Pain Remedy You Didn't Know You Needed

multicolor condoms

If you're going to give birth any time ... well, ever ... you need to stop and read this. An Australian dad is getting some serious viral attention for a move that has moms everywhere asking, "Where were you when I gave birth?!" Behold the wonder of the vagina ice pop.


Hold on, there's nothing naughty about this ... because we all know the last thing you have on your mind post-birth is naughty business of any type. Dad Martin Wanless took condoms, filled them with water, and popped them in the freezer. As he says on his much-shared post on Direct Advice for Dads (or DAD), "They're the perfect shape to rest in between new mum's legs and ease a bit of pain and swelling." 

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Note he says between the legs, ladies. No one is expecting you to insert them. And, no, you're not the only one who wondered.

We've heard of moms creating "padsicles" to soothe the ring o' fire that is the vagina after birth -- essentially soaking a pad in water and freezing it, then popping it in their undies  -- but these condom "ice pops" offer ample new options.

For starters: Finally a use for those condoms that were going to expire! You were going to have to toss them anyway, because you have been pregnant for nine months and you were "trying" before that -- who knows how old those things really are? 

And then there's that whole "OMG, it feels like I just pushed a watermelon out of a Cuties-sized hole" feeling that comes after birth. As far as options go for soothing that pain, these are pretty perfect.

Wanless is not actually taking credit for this magic. He says his wife was greeted with a fridge full of ice pops in the hospital, so all the love belongs to the maternity ward nurses on this one.

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Of course, you'll want to check with your ob-gyn for the all-clear to use this handy trick, and you should grab a bit of cloth and wrap it around the condom before placing this in your undies. Just like ice cubes when you're feeling up to something a little more kinky (yes, you'll get there again, we promise!), there's undoubtedly a risk to having something super cold against your super sensitive vulva.

But, provided you get the A-OK from the doc, vagina ice pops for the win!

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