Tinder-Like App for Baby Names Helps Couples Find 'the One'

Baby Names

Aside from the morning sickness, swollen feet, and other pregnancy-related challenges, one of the toughest parts of expecting a baby is often agreeing with your partner on the perfect baby name. Capitliazing on the swipe-tastic success of the popular dating tool Tinder, Babyname is an app that allows you to swipe left and right to land on the moniker that pleases you both. 


Did you just clap your palm to your forehead in a "Why didn't I think of that?" kind of way? We did too! What a brilliant concept, right? Here's how it works: Simply download and let the fun (and swiping) begin.

If you love a name, swipe right. Loathe it? Swipe left. As you find names you both like, the app compiles a handy list. So don't worry if you're experiencing an epic bout of "baby brain" and fear you may forget the one name you both might agree on -- Babyname has your back. 

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Though the app's tagline, "Finding a name for your baby can be as fun as making it," might be a bit of an overpromise, it definitely seems easier than combing through dozens of baby name books or scrolling through websites hoping to stumble upon "the one."

Here's a quick look at how it works: 


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Of course, there are other apps and sites out there designed to take the discord out of naming baby, but this one seems to minimize all the back-and-forth that comes along with the arduous task of choosing. Who wouldn't want to skip the whole, "Oh, sorry, no, that reminds me of this bully who stole my lunch money in first grade," or "Ugh, that's the name of the girl who dumped me just before prom"?

It's fun to have an app present the names and their meanings and origins to you while you barely have to lift a finger. Any mom-to-be deserves to do as little extra work as possible.

Plus, finding a baby name you and your partner both agree on can be a huge challenge. We'd have to imagine that the ability to simply swipe one way or the other would eliminate a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth and fighting between couples. And that's another little blessing right there!

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