This Is What It Looks Like to Give Birth in Just 18 Minutes

woman has fast delivery
New Creation Photography

Most pregnant women hope for a quick labor and delivery -- but how fast is too fast? Mom Cara Hocking gave birth to her fourth child in a mere 18 minutes. Fortunately, birth photographer Laura Eckert of New Creation Photography was there to capture the speedy delivery. 


Even though it was no easy task for mama or photographer, these pros were ready to go. Eckert shared with CafeMom that both of them knew so much was going to be up to chance. Would the birth go as swiftly as her previous ones? (Her first arrived after six hours of labor; her second within just an hour and 13 minutes; her third popped out in a staggering 53 minutes.) Would Cara's husband and Laura both make it to the hospital -- if the mom was even able to get there in time? 

Thankfully, everything went remarkably well, considering Cara gave birth in less time than it takes to have a pizza delivered. Take a look at these gorgeous photos that capture the miracle of one of the fastest deliveries we've ever seen!

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