The 20 Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland Will Surprise You

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We can think of many reasons to visit Scotland: Castles. The Loch Ness. (The body of water, not the monster.) Haggis. Whiskey. Golf. There's just no denying how much Scotland inspires us to indulge in our wanderlust. But if you visit this beautiful land, don't be surprised the babies you meet don't have the classic Scottish baby names you might be imagining! 

Advertisement has highlighted the hottest baby names in Scotland that just might tempt you to grab a pen and paper and take notes. Based on data collected from the National Records of Scotland, this list spotlights the most popular names Scottish parents gave their babies born in 2016. 

But, if you're expecting to see classic Scottish titles -- like Hamish and Mirren, as Laura Wattenberg, founder of, points out -- you're in for a surprise!

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Here's a look at the top 10 baby boy and girl names that seem to be all the rage in Scotland.

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