The 20 Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland Will Surprise You

Tanvier Peart | Apr 7, 2017 Pregnancy
The 20 Most Popular Baby Names in Scotland Will Surprise You
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We can think of many reasons to visit Scotland: Castles. The Loch Ness. (The body of water, not the monster.) Haggis. Whiskey. Golf. There's just no denying how much Scotland inspires us to indulge in our wanderlust. But if you visit this beautiful land, don't be surprised the babies you meet don't have the classic Scottish baby names you might be imagining! has highlighted the hottest baby names in Scotland that just might tempt you to grab a pen and paper and take notes. Based on data collected from the National Records of Scotland, this list spotlights the most popular names Scottish parents gave their babies born in 2016. 

But, if you're expecting to see classic Scottish titles -- like Hamish and Mirren, as Laura Wattenberg, founder of, points out -- you're in for a surprise!

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Here's a look at the top 10 baby boy and girl names that seem to be all the rage in Scotland.

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  • #10 Girl's name: Charlotte

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    Hmm. We believe a certain adorable royal tot might've influenced this name. Although Charlotte is the tenth most popular baby name in Scotland, this beautiful title did jump 11 positions in one year -- which is pretty incredible! For those who don't know, Charlotte is the feminine version of the classic Charles that means "full-grown."

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  • #10 Boy's name: Alexander

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    Though Alexander has fallen five spots, it does round out this list of top 10 baby names in Scotland -- so that's something! Alexander is a classic title that also brings the whimsy. It's stately, charming, playful, and just super cute. Plus, Alexander comes from the Greek alexein that means "to defend," which is pretty freakin' awesome if you ask us!

  • #9: Lucy

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    Hey, little Lucy! Believe it or not, Lucy is a baby name for boys and girls, though it appears Scottish parents love it for their daughters. Associated with the English Lucia, Lucy also finds roots in the Latin lux, which means "light." Lucy was a hit during the 1880s and appears to have influence today.

  • #9: Charlie

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    You always have to make room for Charlie! It's such a delightful name that's always #Winning! (Winning. Like, Charlie Sheen #Winning? Never mind.) This gender-neutral title is a fun alternative to the buttoned-up Charles that comes from the Germanic karl and means "full-grown." Though Charlie dropped three spots to the ninth position, it's still a top 10 baby name in Scotland.

  • #8: Ella

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    There's something about the name Ella that just does it for us. Maybe it's the soft melodic -la sound, or the ties to an unforgettable jazz era, thanks to Ella Fitzgerald. Regardless, this baby name is a keeper and has ties to Ellen that comes from the Greek ēlē for "light." Pretty illuminating, right?

  • #8: Leo

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    Leonardo DiCaprio is probably doing a handstand at the thought of his nickname making this list. (Kidding. Well ... you never know.) After all, Leo is a ferocious and charming baby name that deserves a little attention. It's Latin for "lion," and close to 300 Scottish parents bestowed this name to their children in 2016 -- helping to move Leo up five spots. You go, boy!

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  • #7: Jessica

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    Let's play a game: How many people do you know in your life with the name Jessica? It's a super popular title that was a hit during the '80s and seems to be a fave in Scotland. Jessica is a Hebrew title, pulling inspiration from Jesse that comes from yīshai ("gift"). Though Jessica fell two positions, it still remains one of the hottest baby names in Scotland.

  • #7: Noah

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    There's always a go-to baby name that's timeless and forever adorbs -- and for us, one of those names happens to be Noah. Moving eight spots up to take control of the number seven position, Noah is a biblical name that's Hebrew for "rest" or "comfort." Hopefully parents who name their kid Noah will be able to get some rest and comfort, because the struggle is real!

  • #6: Amelia

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    More than 320 parents named their daughters Amelia in 2016, moving this adorable title to the number six spot. Hailing from the Germanic amal that means "work," Amelia is a cutesy title that gives us fun nicknames like Mel, Lia, and Ame.

  • #6: Harry

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    Three cheers for Harry -- hip hip hooray! (Okay, we're stopping at one.) Harry isn't just the name of our favorite prince (he is dreamy), but a classic title that proves to have real staying power. The English alternative to the French Henri, Harry ("home ruler") jumped a whopping 10 spaces to the number six position of most popular Scottish baby names for boys. Impressive.

  • #5: Ava

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    Seriously, who doesn't love the name Ava? It's such a beautiful title that's short, straight to the point, and extremely sweet. Pronounced AY-və, Ava is a pet name for the Germanic Avia and is pretty fetch.

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  • #5: Logan

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    Who knows if Scottish parents are fans of Wolverine or just happen to enjoy this baby name. Logan moved up three spots to the number five position -- and we totally see why! Aside from being cute, Logan is a gender-neutral baby name that has a cute aura about it that's also Gaelic for "a little hollow," in case you were wondering.

  • #4: Isla

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    Tatyana Vyc/Shutterstock considers Isla a modern baby name inspired by Islay, an island off the west coast of Scotland. This darling title for girls has true staying power, as Isla holds on to the number four position on this list of hottest baby names from Scotland.

  • #4: Lewis

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    Over 300 Scotish parents named their son Lewis in 2016, which makes it a pretty popular title throughout the European country. Lewis is a baby name with great vigor, as it boasts Old High German roots from Hluodowig that means "famous in war." If you adore the French Louis, you'll love Lewis.

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  • #3: Sophie

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    Dropping one spot to the third position is the sweet, sweet Sophie. Greek for "wisdom" or "skill," Sophie was once the popular title in 17th century England that's now all the rage in Scotland. 

  • #3: Oliver

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    Welp, if Olivia makes this list of hot Scottish baby names, Oliver should too! Though this title does have strong French roots, notes Oliver is thought to come from the German Alfihar that means "elf army," which is pretty cool. 

  • #2: Emily

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    Emily might've dropped from the number one position, but that doesn't make this baby name any less desirable. Hailing from the Latin Aemilia, Emily comes from aemulus that means "rival," or "trying to equal or excel." Basically, girls named Emily are not to be messed with!

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  • #2: James

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    Although the name James is the second most popular boy name in Scotland, it's a gender-neutral title families can use for boys and girls -- as Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds did with their eldest daughter. It's associated with the Hebrew ya`aqob that means "supplanting," and over 400 Scottish parents bestowed the name James to their sons in 2016.

  • #1: Olivia

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    Moving up two spots, Olivia was the hottest baby girl name in Scotland last year that just so happened to clinch the number one position from Emily, thanks to two extra registered births (492 girls were named Olivia last year). Inspired by an olive tree, Olivia is a beautiful title that also represents the heiress in the Shakespeare play Twelfth Night.

  • #1: Jack

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    Surprise, surprise. Well ... not really. For the ninth (consecutive) year in a row, Jack is the most popular baby name in Scotland. A popular title during the 1920s, Jack is a pet name for the classic John that means "God is gracious."

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