15 Hawaiian Baby Boy Names That Are Too Adorable to Overlook

Boy on the beach next to ocean

Expectant parents have been known to choose a baby name based on their travels, and one destination they'll want to circle on the map is Hawaii. Known for its majestic sunsets and diverse culture, Hawaii -- or the "Aloha State," as it is also called -- is a source of everlasting wanderlust and unforgettable baby names. These names represent the ocean, sea, and the stars and we can't get enough of them! 


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A baby name from a lovely location can make it extra special. And if that name is in a foreign language? Even better. Hawaiian baby boy names are perfect for a future surfer, swimmer, or person who likes to spend his days in the sun. With the help of our friends from BabyNameWizard, we found the best Hawaiian baby boy names that we can't get enough of. Take a journey with us as we (virtually) whisk away to Hawaii and soak in these enchanting baby names for boys. It just might inspire some parents to take a little trip!

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Seriously, these are too beautiful and unique to pass up. Read on to see which great names made our list, and let us know which ones we should add!

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