30 Beautiful & Unique Hawaiian Baby Girl Names

Tanvier Peart | Jun 12, 2020 Pregnancy
30 Beautiful & Unique Hawaiian Baby Girl Names
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Sand. Sun. Volcanos. Leis. Tropical flowers and fresh pineapple. Is there anywhere more magical than Hawaii? Hawaii is, of course, a beloved vacation destination that offers unforgettable cultural experiences and memories of a lifetime. And guess what else this gorgeous place offers? Why, amazing baby names, of course. Maybe it's the sea or the sun, but babies who rock Hawaiian names have a cool, natural vibe.

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These Hawaiian names are definitely cool and underused, perfect for parents with a travel bug and a desire for an uncommon name choice. From Moana (natch) to Kiana, Malie, and Nohea, Hawaiian names for girls are unique and beautiful. Many of the names come from the Hawaiian language, and they will certainly attract attention. 

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Whether moms and dads are dying to jet to the Aloha State or just love unique titles from beautiful cultures, here are some Hawaiian baby names for girls that parents will want to move to the top of their lists.



    Parents who like a gender neutral or unisex name option might like Kaili. This name, which is related to a deity, can be pronounced "ky-lee" or "kay-lee," so it might be a little too Kardashian sounding for some parents but we still think it is awfully cute!



    Hawaii is one of the most popular island destinations in the world, and who doesn't love an island? Island lovers might want to consider the name Ailana, which means "island" in Hawaiian. Lana and Ali are cute nickname options. 



    Hey little birdie! The name Palila, which means "bird" in Hawaiian, is a beautiful option for parents looking for a Hawaiian name with a built-in nickname option. Palila (pa-LEE-la) could be shorted to the lovely name Lila.



    There is so much to love about Hawaii. There's the ocean, the gorgeous landscape, and a language that has a wealth of amazing name choices. This list of Hawaiian names for girls wouldn't be complete without the addition of Akela, which means "noble" or "lucky." 



    We are over the moon for the name Mahina! This sweet moniker (pronounced ma-HIN-a) means "moon" in Hawaiian. It would be adorable paired with the Hawaiian world for sun. Mahina La is such a cute combo!



    Who is the one and only? Well, it's Kamea! This name (pronounced ka-MAY-uh) actually means "one and only," and it might be a great choice for parents who are planning to be "one and done" and are into having an only child.

  • PUA


    There is something so hip about three letter names. Pua (pooh-ah) means flower, which is so lovely. Full disclosure: This name might be questionable for parents who are sensitive to names that might invoke teasing, as the "pooh" sound might be irresistible to other kids looking for a name to make fun of. 

  • IONA


    Parents who love a vowel-filled name might want to consider Iona. Iona (pronounced ey-OWN-uh) is such a pretty option. Most commonly associated with Say Anything actress Iona Skye, this elegant option means "namesake" in Hawaiian.

  • ELEU


    Names starting with "E" are definitely having a moment lately! Eleu is a fantastic choice for parents who like names that start with vowels but don't want something overly popular. This name (pronounced e-leu) comes from the Hawaiian for "lively." 

  • MELE


    Here's a name that is pretty as a poem -- literally! The name Mele (pronounced Mah-lay) means "poem" or "music" in Hawaiian. This name works well for parents with a longer last name who want something short and sweet. The name has historically been a boy's name but has transitioned into a unisex or girl name in recent years.


    Little asian girl playing on the beach
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    Disney fans already know one awesome Hawaiian name ... because it's Moana! Not only is this title all sorts of adorable, but Moana (pronounced moh-AH-nuh) is one of the hottest baby names set to dominate 2017. Hawaiian for "deep sea" or "ocean," Moana is a fierce title that deserves consideration.


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    Not to be confused with aloha, the Hawaiian word used to greet and part ways, Alohi (pronounced a-lo-hi or al-ohi) is a stunning choice for a little girl. Not only is this baby name unique, but Alohi is Hawaiian for "shining" and "brilliant."


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    Some names just drip with divinity and are too good to pass up! Nalani, pronounced nah-LAH-nee, is such a sweet baby name choice filled with great power. Hawaiian for "the heavens," Nalani also means "chief," proving girls can, in fact, run the world.

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    Looking for a cool twist on a classic name? Consider Kiana! Kiana (key-AN-ah) is the Hawaiian version of Diana, which means "divine"? Beautiful! This name is one of the more popular Hawaiian names, currently ranked in the top 50 girl names in the Aloha State.


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    If only there was a way to help ensure a child could be "calm." Oh wait, there is! (Well, kinda.) Aside from sounding all sorts of cute, Malie, pronounced Ma-LEE-ā, means "tranquil" or "calm" in Hawaiian -- which is all we need to hear to put it on our short list.

  • KAIA

    Adorable girl on lounger at tropical exotic beach under big coconuts

    So many precious names come from the state often associated with paradise (we're still talking about Hawaii here) that it's hard to choose. One baby name to highlight is the sweet Kaia (pronounced KIY-ə), which flows with beauty and wonder. A variant of the Hawaiian Kai that means "sea," this baby name will have parents dreaming of sandy shores and tranquility.

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    With this baby name, any sweet girl could become a real-life Disney princess (sorta). Haukea, pronounced HAU-kea, is Hawaiian for "snow white" as it combines hau ("snow") and kea ("white") -- giving us snow white. Well, close enough!


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    Not only is Leilani a remarkable name, but it also happens to be the most popular "quirky girl" name among parents in Nevada. Combining the Hawaiian elements lei ("wreath") and lani ("heavenly"), Leilani, pronounced lay-LAH-nee, is a divine name that will give parents all the feels.


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    Though known as a Latin baby name, Emalia is also noted as a common Hawaiian name. Emalia (pronounced em-AHL-ia) is thought to be a variant of the classic Emily, which has ties to "trying to equal or excel," which could be a sign of dedication and determination.

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    The name Akela is associated with many languages and cultures -- including Hawaiian (and Hebrew). Pronounced ahKEH-Laa, Akela means "brightness" or "honorable," which could be a great indication of how sweet a babe will be.


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    Pronounced ee-oh-LAH-nah, Iolana is a Hawaiian baby name that's all about reaching new heights, as the title means "to soar" -- which seems quite fitting, as all parents want their kids to succeed and achieve their dreams.


    little asian adorable girl 2-3 years plays joyfully on the beach in sunset

    There are two ways to pronounce the adorable Nohea: noh-ea, or no-heaHawaiian for "lovely," Nohea is a charming baby name that's an uncommon option, but one that will leave a lasting impression. Nohea. We're here for it!

  • LANI

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    Hmm, does this sound familiar? The name Lani might feel like it's been seen -- and there is a reason for that! The name Leilani is also on this list, and Lani (pronounced LAH-nee) is a pet name that makes for a wonderful stand-alone option meaning "heavenly," "sky," and even "royalty" in Hawaiian. Pretty cool, right?


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    Floral-inspired baby names have a certain fragrance that makes them quite desirable. One name to add to the list is Waiola, a beautiful Hawaiian baby name that means "violet flower." Now, some parents may be wondering how to pronounce this baby name, and though it could be "WAY-Oh-la," the correct pronunciation is WIE-oh-lah.


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    Kids have been known to have fiery spirits ... so Pauhai could be a great option for a new daughter. Associated with the elements, Pauhai (pronounced pou-AH-hee) means "fire is over" -- which could mean a few days of calm, including a good night's rest. (We'll drink to that!)

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    Here's an adorable option for the baby name list: Keola. Pronounced keh-OH-lah, this baby name is Hawaiian for "the life," "the well-being," and "the health." Such a perfect title for a bouncing baby girl, though the fact that it rhymes with "areola" may give some parents pause.

  • Luana

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    Here's a baby name some parents might find enjoyable -- because that's what it means! Luana might remind folks of Luann, but packs its own punch. Pronounced loo-AHN-ah, this adorable title is Hawaiian for "enjoyment" and gives some cute nicknames for a little girl, like Lu, LuLu, and Ana.


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    Many of the Hawaiian names on this list, though unique in their own right, follow a certain trend -- including a love for the -ni combo. Should parents happen to enjoy names that end in -ni as much as we do, they might want to consider the name Ailani. Pronounced eye-LAH-nee, Ailani is a super cool baby name that's Hawaiian for "chief" or "leader."

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    Hello, Makani. This unisex baby name brings the gusto that just might blow parents-to-be away -- Makani is Hawaiian for "wind." Eternally cool actor Woody Harrelson chose this unusual name option for his daughter, so it must have some good vibes!

  • KALA

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    Parents might be intrigued that the name Kala (pronounced KAH-lah) is thought to be the Hawaiian variation of the classic Sara. It's true. This Aloha State moniker is all about royalty, as it means "princess." Pretty cute, right?

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