15 Weirdest Things Parents Have Seen in Their Baby's Sonogram

Tanvier Peart | Mar 24, 2017 Pregnancy

Mom Makelle Ahlin shares this rocking baby sonogram
Makelle Throckmorton Ahlin/Facebook

There are so many things expectant parents look forward to. There's choosing an adorable baby name, picking out a crib, and those adorable sonograms that make for great keepsakes. While moms- and dads-to-be can usually bank on a sonogram that shows LO chilling out in utero, there are also those times when the baby is doing something totally unexpected.

Parents have reported seeing some pretty unusual things -- including the faces of people and even "supernatural" beings -- inside images from an expectant mom's womb.

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Here's a look at some baby ultrasound photos that will have you looking at your screen sideways. And who knows, maybe you'll join this growing list of parents who have ultrasounds that'll make for very interesting stories to tell their kids.

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