17 Birth Photos That Change the Way We See Umbilical Cords

Jeanne Sager | Apr 5, 2017 Pregnancy
17 Birth Photos That Change the Way We See Umbilical Cords

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The umbilical cord is something pregnant women carry around for months and never really get to know -- after all, it's cut and discarded shortly after a baby's born. But the stretchy conduit that links a growing baby to the placenta is quite literally the cord of life, delivering nutrients, oxygen, and so much more. Without it, babies wouldn't get what they need to grow and thrive. 

Fortunately birth photographers tend to capture images of the cord so Mom can get a look-see at the link that's been keeping baby alive all those months during pregnancy. This series of photos captures all the glorious details up close -- from the otherworldly colors to rare instances of cord knots to spiritual rituals that center on the mother-child link. When mothers talk about feeling a special connection to their children, who can quantify what role this physical bond between mom and baby plays in the emotional one that forms?

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Here are some of the most amazing photos that birth photographers have taken of umbilical cords -- guaranteed to have all of us seeing these incredible, life-giving elements through new eyes.  

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