52-Year-Old Mom Serves as Daughter's Surrogate in an Act of Unconditional Love

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Lorrie Ann Photography

There is no greater love than the adoration parents have for their child. It's unconditional and one that stands the test of time, no matter the obstacles life brings. After learning that her daughter and son-in-law were struggling to find a surrogate to carry their child, Denise Weaver gave Heather Weaver the most incredible gift: the gift of life, and a child Heather and husband Chris Ambroziak would be able to call their own.


Lorrie Palmer, of Lorrie Ann Photography, captured this beautiful maternity shoot that shows the beauty of unconditional love spanning three generations.

"Denise, Heather, and Chris have a tight-knit bond that will forever give them something unique for which to love each other," Palmer tells CafeMom. "They are a blessing to each other, and since I have learned their story, they have been a blessing to me."

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Take a journey with us a we learn more about this amazing family, told through Lorrie's maternity and newborn photos -- their ups and downs, and the joy they have for baby Addison, who changed this family's life and united them forever.

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