Pregnant Chef's Yummy Food Photos Make Us Want to Eat for Two Every Day

Mom celebrates pregnancy cravings
If there's one thing we know about pregnancy, it's that it makes you want to eat, eat, and then eat again. Some women joke about their outlandish cravings, while others try to ignore them and focus on fruits and veggies for the sake of baby. (We admire you, party poopers.) One mom-to-be is documenting her delicious cravings in all their sweet and savory glory in must-see-photos that will make you want an excuse to eat for two, in case you don't already have one.


Eden Grinshpan, TV host of the Cooking Channel's Eden Eats (who maintains a food blog by the same name), took to Instagram to show how she's indulging in some serious treats during the last leg of her pregnancy. And, as that funny line from When Harry Met Sally goes, "I'll have what she's having!" 

Warning: Pregnant or not, these photos will make you hungry!

Look at those fries! We love how the cook adorned her bump with this go-to side dish and uses her burgeoning belly as a plate. Clever! 

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I think we'd all agree this shirt really says it all:

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Is there a pregnant lady out there who can say no to pizza? (If so, we've never met her!)

Of course, there are people out there who'll say, "Hey, Eden, how about a salad?" -- but it's great this mama doesn't care what anyone else thinks.

And based on photos of the stunning mom in a bikini, we'd have to imagine she's indulging more in the fantasy of these foods rather than hoovering them all down in one sitting -- not that we'd blame her if she did. 

When you get down to the final days of your pregnancy and your back hurts, you pee every five minutes, and you just want to see your new baby and be done, if a double-cheeseburger brings you comfort and joy, embrace it!  

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