Incredible Birth Video Shows the Beauty of 'Gentle' C-Sections

gentle c-section

Childbirth has been known to "deliver" some pretty memorable experiences, but this one definitely soars to the top of the list. Venezuelan ob-gyn Jham Frank Lugo captured incredible video of a breech "gentle" cesarean delivery you simply can't unsee! Seriously, be prepared to have trouble closing your mouth as you stare at this video on your computer screen.


As Dr. Lugo describes in his Instagram post, this amazing "gentle" cesarean delivery was pretty peaceful, with music playing in the background for the mom and dad to enjoy, and doula support.

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"We can see the video of a respectful and careful birth with obstetrical maneuvers described ... with monitoring to ensure the safety of the baby and mother are allowed," Dr. Lugo writes in the caption.

What's so mesmerizing about this footage is seeing the mom's baby boy born up close -- and from a breech position, no less!

Note: The video you're about to see is uncensored.

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There's a certain peace you feel as a witness to this event, because everything looks and feels as calm as possible.

Look at that adorable tush! (Sorry ...)

Venezuelan OB/GYN Jham Frank Lugo captures incredible gentle C-section

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Surrounded by the child's father and her doula, an unnamed mother is seen on a delivery table as she looks beyond a lowered surgical drape to witness her son coming into this world -- a common benefit of "gentle" cesarean deliveries.

Venezuelan OB/GYN Jham Frank Lugo shares incredible gentle C-section

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Dr. Lugo also describes in his Instagram video how the mom was able to enjoy skin-to-skin contact with LO shortly after her son's delivery -- along with the benefits of delayed cord clamping.

Venezuelan OB/GYN Jham Frank Lugo shares incredible gentle C-section

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This video has touched so many people -- including Angela Gallo, an Australian doula and photographer, who shared and celebrated the video and what it means for "gentle" cesarean births.

"The first truly gentle cesarean I have seen," Gallo shared on Instagram. "It made me weep .... and feel the connection between all involved .... Birth does not need to be clinical, rushed hard lined and full of rough handling ... let's make cesarean birth a special place because all birth deserves to be and feel beautiful for baby, mama and family, too."

Hopefully this video can be a source of encouragement to expectant mothers who will have a C-section, and especially to those mommies who fear they'll miss out on being able to enjoy intimate moments with their baby. 

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