20 Hottest Baby Names Set to Dominate 2017

Tanvier Peart | Mar 15, 2017 Pregnancy
20 Hottest Baby Names Set to Dominate 2017
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Choosing a baby name is a decision no expectant parent makes lightly. After all, who wants to spend a lifetime regretting the name you gave your child -- or having to sit through yet another conversation from your kid as to why you chose such an unappreciated title? Hopefully, you aren't feeling too much pressure to pick a baby name ... but if you are, we've got you covered with the hottest baby names of the year!

Researchers at Namberry clocked the greatest rise in page views in the first month of 2017 compared with last January. And based on their findings, they were able to forecast titles that will become the hottest of the year.

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Many of the baby names on this list boast tons of international flavor, with the occasional throwback added to the mix. Also a few fun facts from Namberry about these names bringing the fuego (fire):

— Favorite first letters are C and K for boys, R for girls, and S for both genders.

— This year's hot names are more gender-specific than last year's, with fewer unisex names and boy-girl pairs.

— Pop culture continues to exert an outsized influence, with names making the hot list thanks to animated heroine Moana, Younger star Sutton Foster, and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's infant daughter Ines.

So ... Curious to see which names are slated to slay 2017? Click on to find out the top 10 girls' and top 10 boys' names!

  • 10. Lilian

    Beautiful little girl holding a bouquet of yellow tulips. Mother's day

    Now here's a baby name with a ton of fragrance that also happens to be the 10th hottest title on this list. Lilian is a name that makes us picture a warm spring day surrounded by fresh blooms. It's such a delightful baby name that's attractive, winsome, and quite memorable, as Nameberry reports that it rose in page views by 124 percent.

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  • 10. Lucien

    Boy and geese near lake. Mauritius
    Khoroshunova Olga/Shutterstock

    Any Underworld fans in the house? Taking a page from Lucian, leader of the Lycans (werewolves), is Lucien (pronounced LOO-shən or loo-SYAN), which probably has nothing to do with this popular series of ass-kicking movies. It's an illuminating choice nonetheless, as Lucien is Latin for "light" and scores the number 10 spot (Lucien saw an 87 percent increase in page views) on this baby name list.

  • 9. Samara

    A cute little girl asian with mess lipstick all over face

    If you ever watched the movie The Ring, just know if you name your daughter Samara, you don't have to worry about her coming through a TV to attack you in seven days. In fact, the name Samara is linked to divinity, as it's Hebrew for "under God's rule," which is perfect for lovers of the Bible or Torah.

  • 9. Isaac

    Serious 1-year infant boy during his first haircutting
    Dasha Muller/Shutterstock

    Another baby name option with biblical sentiments is the classic Isaac. Hebrew for laughter (Isaac comes from yitshāq that means "laughter"), Isaac was once a highly popular baby name in 2012 that's set to make a serious comeback.

  • 8. Alisha

    Cute stylish baby girl holding balloons in room. Childhood. Birthday party.

    Hey, Alisha, girl! This baby name offers a playful twist to the classic Alice, which comes from the Germainc adal that's associated with nobility. Alisha is an everyday name that reminds us of someone we knew in school or on the playground.

  • 8. Albie

    happy baby looking to the right
    Maria Madrinan/Shutterstock

    In love with baby names that had a strong '80s presence? Albie is a cutesy baby name that provides a playful twist on the buttoned-up Albert. Hailing from the Old High German elements adal ("noble") and beraht ("bright" or "famous"), Albie is a superstar baby name with tons of appeal.

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  • 7. Rosamund

    The little girl in a big white hat. Baby tears from head hat. Little beautiful girl on the beach.
    Lipatova Maryna/Shutterstock

    Sorry, but actress Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) is not the reason this baby name earns a spot on this hot list. (We still love you!) Rosamund is a beautiful title with Germanic elements, as it hails from the German hros ("horse") and mund ("protection"). Some circles also believe Rosamund has ties to the Latin phrase rosa munda that loosely translates to "pure rose." Either way, we like this baby name!

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  • 7. Beauregard

    African-American father and toddler son

    Long titles like Beauregard might not score your child a personalized key chain at the store, but they're still options to consider. Giving us the oh-so-adorable nickname Beau, Beauregard (pronounced BOH-rə-gahrd) has a certain je ne sais quoi to it that makes the baby name so alluring. Plus, Beauregard is French for "beautiful gaze," which will make you want to cuddle your little boy even more.

  • 6. Seren

    Happy African American baby girl
    pixelheadphoto digitalskillet/Shutterstock

    As parents, we try to encourage our children to reach for the stars, and this baby name could have your daughter walking on the moon. Seren (pronounced SEH-rən) is a rare baby name choice, but one that's truly out of this world, as the Welsh title means "star." We like!

  • 6. Cassian

    Cute little baby with bunny toy sleeping on plaid at home, closeup
    Africa Studio/Shutterstock

    Taking the number six position (it rose 191 percent in popularity) is the name Cassian, which might sound like Caspian (you know, the prince in the Chronicles of Narnia series?) but packs its own punch. Noted as a vintage Roman family name, Cassian is thought to pull inspiration from the Latin cassus that means "hollow" or "empty." No matter the name significance, one thing is certain: Moms and dads who name their sons Cassian will not feel hollow or empty inside!

  • 5. Ines

    Cute little child lying on the lilac, purple plaid

    Rounding out the number five spot is the Greek-inspired baby names Ines (pronounced ee-NEHS). Seeing a noteworthy spike in popularity (Ines rose in page views by 338 percent), this baby name is a variant of the classic Agnes and means "pure" or "holy." Once popular during the 1880s, this title is set to make a pretty major comeback.

  • 5. Gunther

    Cute baby boy in a tie
    Olga Listopad/Shutterstock

    Ooh, the name Gunther has us wanting to take a quick trip to Central Perk -- and fast! Even if you never watched the megahit show Friends, that doesn't mean you can't fall in love with this baby name! Gunther is hip, offbeat, and quite the kick-ass name, as it's Old Norse for "battler" or "warrior."

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  • 4. Moana

    Fun kid girl drinking mock tail from glass in cafe. Toned closeup portrait
    MIA Studio/Shutterstock

    Three cheers for this Disney name making the list! Should you happen to be a fan of the movie Moana, there's a pretty good chance you might want to bestow this name on your future badass in the making. Moana, pronounced moh-AH-nuh, is super fierce and fearless -- just like the beloved heroine in the film. It's a Hawaiian name that means "ocean" or "deep sea," and your baby girl can hit the waves with this beautiful baby name.

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  • 4. Koa

    Portrait of cute little baby boy having fun on the beach on a summer day. Smiling happy child playing outdoors
    Kamelia Ilieva/Shutterstock

    Ready for another Hawaiian-inspired baby name? Here ya go! Signifying "warrior" in Hawaiian, the name Koa (pronounced KOH-uh) is a handsome title for a little boy that's easy-breezy and extremely lovable.

  • 3. Tahiti

    Baby girl wearing a straw hat at the beach, nine months old

    You don't have to sell us on this destination namesake! Expectant parents will likely want to pack their bags as Tahiti makes this list of sizzling hot baby names. The Polynesian title is a popular destination for warm vibes and relaxation that could translate into the perfect baby name for your little girl.

  • 3. Sulien

    Adorable Caucasian baby boy.

    There are two ways to pronounce the Welsh Sulien: sel-EE-en or SIL-yen. No matter your cup of tea, Sulien, a name thought to come from the Celtic Sulgen that means "born from the sun," is a fiery name that's packed with international flavor.

  • 2. Alizeh

    Girl in red dress leans on white footsteps in room

    While this baby name might conjure up thoughts of a particular alcoholic beverage, Alizeh is a little different -- and very darn cute. Pronounced A-Lee-Zey, this baby name is flowy and all about the natural elements, as it's Persian for "wind." It's cute, right?

  • 2. Benajah

    Nine month old baby lying in the bed on white blanket. Cute boy playing with cubes
    Anna Grigorjeva/Shutterstock

    Fans of the classic Benjamin and Elijah are going to love this mashup! Benajah is a Hebrew title that means "God has built" and is two parts adorable and three parts intriguing. We're fans of baby names that steer away from the expected and feel Benajah has a certain twist moms and dads will love.

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  • 1. Tatjana

    Sweet Beautiful baby girl outdoors, Joyful, Happy, Excited. Baby girl on mom shoulder.

    The number one baby name is hot hot hot! Rising an amazing 1,508 percent (yeah, that's pretty darn popular), Tatjana is a cute alternative to the adorable Tatyana (or Tatiana) with tons of style. Hailing from the Roman family name Tatius, some believe Tatjana (pronounced TAHT-yah-nah) also has Croatian origins and means "fairy princess," which will score you some major cool points with your daughter. Yeah, we can definitely see why Tatjana is the number one baby name for girls on this list.

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  • 1. Kyd

    A boy climbs a ladder up on spring blossom garden
    Serenko Natalia/Shutterstock

    My name is Kyydddddddddd! Okay, so maybe that Kid Rock reference flew over your head (it happens), but that doesn't mean you can't put your lighter up to the baby name Kyd. This title -- that rose in popularity (page views) by 4,141 percent -- is actually an Anglo-Saxon surname that's edgy and a fun play on such an everyday word (that'd be "kid"). Plus, if you love the movie Dick Tracy, this name will allow you to relive a childhood film in a fun way.

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