20 Hottest Baby Names Set to Dominate 2017

Tanvier Peart | Mar 15, 2017 Pregnancy

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Choosing a baby name is a decision no expectant parent makes lightly. After all, who wants to spend a lifetime regretting the name you gave your child -- or having to sit through yet another conversation from your kid as to why you chose such an unappreciated title? Hopefully, you aren't feeling too much pressure to pick a baby name ... but if you are, we've got you covered with the hottest baby names of the year!

Researchers at Namberry clocked the greatest rise in page views in the first month of 2017 compared with last January. And based on their findings, they were able to forecast titles that will become the hottest of the year.

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Many of the baby names on this list boast tons of international flavor, with the occasional throwback added to the mix. Also a few fun facts from Namberry about these names bringing the fuego (fire):

— Favorite first letters are C and K for boys, R for girls, and S for both genders.

— This year's hot names are more gender-specific than last year's, with fewer unisex names and boy-girl pairs.

— Pop culture continues to exert an outsized influence, with names making the hot list thanks to animated heroine Moana, Younger star Sutton Foster, and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's infant daughter Ines.

So ... Curious to see which names are slated to slay 2017? Click on to find out the top 10 girls' and top 10 boys' names!

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