10 Realities of Getting a Cold While Pregnant

pregnant woman sick with cold

My pregnancy with my daughter was basically a festival of discomfort. I had morning sickness that lasted for over 20 weeks, pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome, killer heartburn, and one memorable night where I thought I might actually die of gas. And, of course, there's the special misery that is getting a cold while pregnant. 


It's hard to avoid getting a cold, especially if you are already a mom and have other little germ magnets at home. And because being sick while pregnant is the actual worst, we've put together this handy list of phases you'll go through as you try to survive your pregnancy cold. We've been there.

1. It's time to stop looking at pictures of Beyonce.

Yes, Beyonce is pregnant with twins, but let's get real -- none of us is Beyonce. When you are sick, pregnant, and full of boogers, you really don't need to be reminded of how fabulous pregnant can look. 

2. At first, it's no biggie. You've done this before.

It's important to realize that some aspects of having a cold feel the same, whether you're pregnant or not.


3. Then you realize your bladder isn't up for it this time.

On the other hand, some aspects of having a cold are way worse when you're pregnant. Let's keep it real: You need to stock up on some pads. You will cough. You will sneeze. You will pee your pants. 

And if you start coughing?

Cross your legs ASAP!

4. You want to be able to pretend that everything is A-OK.

Pregnant women are tough. But don't be afraid to admit that you're feeling under the weather.

5. And you feel totally helpless.

If you go to the doctor to get some medicine, don't get your hopes up. Most of the good stuff is off-limits for moms-to-be.

6. Rest? What rest?!

Your doctor might advise you to get more rest. Yeah, sure. Because rest is SOOO easy to come by when you are super pregnant, with a million things to do, and a big uncomfortable belly -- oh and you can't stop sneezing.

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7. Drinking more water seems doable ... in theory.

Another common suggestion is to make sure you stay hydrated, so remember to push the fluids. This is probably when you should consider just living in the bathroom. 

8. You have it worse than anyone who's ever had the exact same thing.

It is possible that you may spread your germs to your husband and he might come down with a dreaded man cold. Please remember that he is the one who got you pregnant in the first place, so you are under NO obligation to take care of him and his sniffles.

9. You need to stop doing it all. Just stop.

You're sneezing, you're coughing, and you feel like crap. Now is NOT the time to worry about the cleaning your house or paying attention to your family. Snuggle up on the couch and binge-watch some garbage TV. 

10. You remind yourself, it could have been worse.

You may feel like crud, but at least you can keep your sense of perspective -- it could have been the stomach flu!

Also remember that even though pregnancy colds seem to last longer than regular colds, you won't be sick (or pregnant) forever. It just feels that way.  

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