The 50 Best Quirky Baby Girl Names by State

Tanvier Peart | Nov 21, 2019 Pregnancy
The 50 Best Quirky Baby Girl Names by State

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They say you might have a few things in common with your neighbor. And if you're a parent, one of those commonalities might be your child's name -- no matter how unique you think it is. That's not to say everyone on your block will have a kid running around with your son or daughter's same exact name, but there might be some little person not too far away who does!

Interestingly, names that are rare in the US overall pop up in certain states in surprising numbers. So Nameberry researchers looked at the baby names given to at least 100 babies in 2015, and the states where those names were most popular. Then they calculated the total percentage of babies in that state with that name, and ranked the names. Ergo: the most unusual -- or quirky -- names in all 50 states

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Check out 50 of those most unusual girl baby names -- and the states where they're taking off. With a little luck, you'll be the mom who knows how to pronounce the name of every kid in the sand box. Or if you're expecting and looking for a name that stands out from the crowd -- who knows, you might just find one to fall in love with.

  • Oaklee (Utah)

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    There's one baby name for girls that seems to be sizzling with popularity in Utah, and that name is Oaklee. An Old English name that means "meadow of oak trees," Oaklee is favored among moms and dads in the state of Utah, and that might have something to do with a certain town called Oakley, Utah. Granted, Oaklee is a variant, but perhaps there's a correlation. It does make sense.

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  • Laylani (Nevada)

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    Taking us to the islands, Laylani (pronounced lay-LAH-nee), a variant of the Hawaiian Leilani, is too beautiful not to consider for your little girl -- and parents in Nevada seem to think so, too. Combining the Hawaiian lay ("heaven" or "heavenly") with lei ("garland"), you have a stunning baby name to bestow upon your child.

  • Devyn (Delaware)

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    There's no rule that says parents of girls can't use "boy names." Devyn is a gender neutral name hailing from the Irish Devin that stems from the Gaelic dámh, which means "a poet." Now, we're not saying parents who name their child Devyn are guaranteed to raise a future Emily Dickinson or Maya Angelou. It is, however, a stylish baby name that parents in Delaware love to use.

  • Wren (Vermont)

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    Another gender-free baby name that earns a spot on this list is the melodic Wren. A short name for the Old English wrenna, wren, a songbird, is the perfect baby name option for a daughter. And should you like it, feel free to shoot moms and dads in Vermont a thank-you note!

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  • Santana (New Mexico)

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    We can't tell if we love the name Santana because of Carlos Santana or simply because it's just a great baby name. A hit among parents in New Mexico, Santana combines the Spanish Santa ("saint") and Ana, a variation of Anne. Should you be looking to create a short list of baby names for girls, you'll definitely want to include this one!

  • Haddie (South Dakota)

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    The name Haddie is thought to have a variety of different meanings, which could become future bedtime stories for your little girl. Some believe Haddie is Hebrew for "myrtle tree," while others give this adorable baby name American roots and believe Haddie means "home ruler." Regardless of what tickles your fancy, Haddie, a variant of Hattie and the classic Harriet, is a gorgeous title that mamas and papas in South Dakota seem to love.

  • Jolie (Louisiana)

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    It's not hard to associate the French Jolie with Louisiana. This title sure is a "pretty one" (that's what Jolie means in French) and makes the Creole State sparkle. And speaking of Creole, there used to be a high-end restaurant in Lafayette, Louisiana, named Jolie's Louisiana Bistro (it sadly closed), which might be a reason why so many moms and dads in this state fancy the name.

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  • Aspyn (North Dakota)

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    While you might expect to see Aspen make this list of quirky baby names in Colorado (it did), you might be surprised to find out the variation Aspyn has become a sought-after title for families in North Dakota. Coming to us from the Old English æspe that means "aspen tree," Aspyn is unusual and has us envisioning winter escapes full of skiing and hot cocoa.

  • Faigy (New York)

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    Leave it to New Yorkers to complicate things. (Kidding.) While the origins of the name Faigy are reportedly unknown, this baby name is thought to derive from the Yiddish name Faige that means "bird" -- and we kinda like it. You can't say it's not different!

  • Amalia (Rhode Island)

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    Ah, dearest Amalia. This versatile baby name is thought to have roots in an assortment of languages -- including Spanish, German, French, and Dutch, to name a few. Amalia, pronounced ah-MAH-lee-ah, is also commonly associated with the Germanic amal that means "work." Amalia is a sweet title that's just perfect for a little girl.

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  • Hollis (South Carolina)

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    We love baby names that make us stop and do a double take, and my, does the gender neutral Hollis do just that. An English surname that means "dweller at the holy trees," Hollis, pronounced HAH-lis, also has ties to the name Holly that comes from the Old English holegn ("holly tree"). Hollis gives expectant moms and dads another memorable baby name idea for their little girl. Thank you, South Carolina!

  • Martina (Florida)

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    Should you happen to be a fan of the names Martin and Tina, you can combine your love together to make Martina. (See how simple that was?) A popular baby name in the 1980s, Martina appears to be an enjoyable baby name among moms and dads in the Sunshine State. Martina comes from the Latin Martīnus, who tips his hat to Mars, the Roman (mythological) god of war. Yup, that's pretty rad.

  • Etta (Wisconsin)

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    The name Etta might have you humming a certain tune by the name of "At Last" to yourself, which has nothing to do with Wisconsin, but is a wonderful song, nonetheless. Popular in the late 1800s, Etta is actually a short name for the Scottish name Maretta, which comes to us from the Scottish Gaelic version of Margaret, associated with a pearl. So basically, Etta is a timeless baby name that will never miss a beat or go out of style.

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  • Lucinda (Indiana)

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    Moms and dads in Indiana get an A for this hat tip to the classics, as the name Lucinda comes from Cervantes' novel Don Quixote. Taking a page from the Italian luce that means "light," this baby name is all sorts of illuminating. Lucinda shines above the rest.

  • Arleth (Arizona)

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    Though the origins of Arleth are up for debate, some circles believe the baby name could have ties to Arlen, which carries the Gaelic meaning "pledge" or "promise." No matter the case, Arleth is an uncommon choice for a baby name that seems to capture the hearts of moms and dads in Arizona.

  • Camdyn (Kansas)

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    We just love baby names that offer a different approach in the spelling department, which is why we can't take our eyes off Camdyn. Not only is Camdyn gender neutral and a hit among parents in Kansas, but this baby name, which is Gaelic for "winding valley," is a fun-loving name idea that will add a splash of cool to your short list.

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  • Taya (Wyoming)

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    Names that end in -ya have a soft and wonderful ring about them. And should you happen to appreciate the pairing, you'll want to feast your eyes on Taya. Pronounced TIY-ə, this baby name is Japanese for "young" and apparently one popular title in the state of Wyoming. What's great about Taya are those adorable little nicknames -- like Tay, Tay-Tay, or Ya-Ya -- you can call your little girl.

  • Cambrie (West Virginia)

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    One has to wonder if parents throughout West Virginia were trying to be different with the name Cambrie, as the Mountain State has a town named Cambria. Regardless, we're kinda digging Cambrie, which Baby Name Wizard notes could be a relative to Camryn, a Scottish surname. It really is a precious name.

  • Quincy (Maine)

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    We just love love love baby names for girls that sound like boy names! (It's always cool to throw a curveball now and then.) Quincy is a title that's stately -- and one that could spike the lovable meter. A noted surname, Quincy comes from the Latin Quintus that means "the fifth." Now, no one is saying you need to have five children in order to use this name; we just wanted you to know where it came from. Should you happen to like it, be sure to yell a quick thanks to parents in Maine, as Quincy is one of their faves.

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  • Nechama (New Jersey)

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    Ooh, here's a baby name you don't hear every day -- unless you happen to be a resident of New Jersey, by chance. Nechama is a striking title that's Hebrew for "comfort" or "solace." This is a loving title that will definitely make your daughter stand out.

  • Rhyan (Maryland)

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    Tired of the same ol' spelling of baby names? Here's an interesting one for ya: Rhyan. (It's cool, right?) Rhyan is an alternative to the classic Ryan, an Irish surname, which comes from the Irish that means "king." So the next time anyone tells you girls can't be kings, you can kindly let them know your daughter Rhyan is one. (*Wink*) Thanks, Maryland, for the idea!

  • Egypt (Washington, D.C.)

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    Hmm. We wonder if having access to so many museums and galleries helped moms and dads in Washington, D.C., fall in love with Egypt. This is a beautiful baby name that represents a country filled with history, picturesque scenery, and an honorary wonder of the world: the Great Pyramids of Giza. Feeling a bit of wanderlust yet?

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