The 25 Best Quirky Baby Girl Names by State

Tanvier Peart | Mar 10, 2017 Pregnancy

little girl in glasses

They say you might have a few things in common with your neighbor. And if you're a parent, one of those commonalities might be your child's name -- no matter how unique you think it is. That's not to say everyone on your block will have a kid running around with your son or daughter's same exact name, but there might be some little person not too far away who does!

Interestingly, names that are rare in the USA overall pop up in certain states in surprising numbers. So Nameberry researchers looked at the baby names given to at least 100 babies in 2015, and the states where those names were most popular. Then they calculated the total percentage of babies in that state with that name, and ranked the names. Ergo: the most unusual -- or quirky -- names in all 50 states

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Check out 25 of those most unusual girl baby names -- and the states where they're taking off. With a little luck, you'll be the mom who knows how to pronounce the name of every kid in the sand box. Or if you're expecting and looking for a name that stands out from the crowd -- who knows, you might just find one to fall in love with.

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