Moms Swear This 'Maternity Salad' Will Get That Overdue Baby the Heck Outta You

Maternity Salad

When you're a pregnant lady who's past her due date, you're willing to try almost anything to bring that baby into the world (and out of your body!). Well, the owners at one restaurant in California think they may have the solution. The Caioti Pizza Cafe has been serving "maternity salads" known to kick-start labor for nearly three decades. So how exactly do these magic greens work?


Carrie LaDou, who owns the eatery, told Today the bowl of mystery greens includes romaine lettuce, watercress, walnuts, and pasteurized Gorgonzola cheese. But most customers credit the salad dressing (made from a secret family recipe) with giving them the jump start they needed.  

"It has been 28 years of this," LaDou told Today. "Pregnant women come in every day -- we have between five and 20 a day -- they're past due and they want to get the baby out."

Some moms, like Today Food contributor and mother-of-three Siri Daly, actually had the dressing shipped across the country in the hopes that it would do the trick. 

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So did it work for the wife of Carson Daly? With one pregnancy, she had her daughter two days after eating the dressing. The next time she tried it, she needed to be induced (and so she's not entirely sure it worked that time). 

"We're not saying it's the dressing -- we don't know what it is," LaDou explained to Today. "So, I always tell them, 'If you're here to have a baby, you need to have the salad as it's meant to be.'"

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Hmm. Intriguing, right? If you're a past-due mom-to-be, chances are you're open to anything. We've all heard those tales about people eating eggplant Parmesan or getting a pedicure to try to induce labor. When you've got swollen ankles and intense heartburn and haven't seen your feet in a month, you'll do whatever it takes.  

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According to LaDou, doctors, midwives, and doulas all send their past-due patients to her cafe. As if we needed more proof of the salad's superpowers, the cafe even tracks the babies that are born after their moms munched on the greens each month. Take a look at how cute this is:

maternity salad
Caioti Pizza Cafe/Facebook
Wow, now that's powerful advertising! I only wish I had a post-due pal I could treat to lunch!

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