This Guy Got an Actual Trophy for Giving His Seat to a Pregnant Woman

medal for man who gave seat up for pregnant woman
Ricky Barksdale/Facebook

Anyone who has been pregnant knows that society is all too eager to live down to our very low expectations about how pregnant women are treated. So when New York City mom Yvonne Lin posted a photo of a trophy she'd created to award the first man who actually stood up to offer his seat on the subway, it's no wonder it quickly went viral. 


Lin posted the trophy -- and a photo of her awardee -- on Instagram last week, where she explained that eight months into her second pregnancy was the very first time a dude bothered to get out of his seat and offer her a spot to rest her weary body. Said dude, whose name is Ricky Barksdale, admitted on Facebook that he wasn't even sure if Lin was pregnant when he hopped up to give her a seat, but he proudly shared his prize.

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"I'm sitting on the train and there was a lady standing in front of me and I didn't realize she was pregnant, she's wearing all black so it was hard to tell," he wrote in his post about the award. "I got up immediately to give her my seat and she said wait I have something to give you and she handed me this trophy."

Ricky Barksdale/Facebook

There's been a little bit of the expected Internet hate toward the award -- some folks aren't too keen on awarding a guy for doing something he should do anyway. But then again, we shouldn't put up with any of the daily load of crap dished up for pregnant women, should we? 

Heck, maybe Lin could start a business pushing out trophies for pregnant women to hand out to the other pleasant few folks who surprise them during their nine and a half months of human growing?

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Just picture the whole line of trophies that could be forged: 

  • "Only coworker not to touch my belly without asking." 
  • "Only family member not to weigh in on the name we didn't ask your opinion about in the first place." 
  • "Only mother at the baby shower not to share the most horrifying details of her birth while I was trying to eat mini quiches in peace."
  • "Only person in the Starbucks line not to side-eye my belly while I was walking out with the cup that was full of decaf, thank you very much."
  • "First man in my life not to compare giving birth to the pain of getting kicked in the balls."
  • "Only grandparent not to insist they need a hip, young version of Grandma." 
  • "First mom in birthing class to admit that the prenatal vitamins gave her the dry heaves too, so she's not taking them either."

These are the unsung heroes in our lives, ladies, so why not reward them? 

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