The 25 Best Quirky Baby Boy Names by State

Little boy with oversized sunglasses

Many things unite people from the same state: food, customs, slang, sports teams. (The list is endless!) But did you know there's another common thread that binds many parents who call the same state their home? Oh yes, we're talking about a liking for the same unusual baby names.


Interestingly, names that are rare in the USA overall pop up in certain states in surprising numbers. So Nameberry researchers looked at the baby names given to at least 100 babies in 2015, and the states where those names were most popular. Then they calculated the total percentage of babies in that state with that name, and ranked the names. Ergo: the most unusual -- or quirky -- names in all 50 states

Here's a look at 25 of those most eccentric and unconventional boy baby names -- and the state where they're taking off. You might want to add a few of these to your short list!

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