10 Ridiculous Things People Say to You While You're Pregnant

pregnant woman in overalls

Something you notice very quickly after becoming pregnant is that everyone has an opinion. Literally. Everyone. Your family is excited. Your friends are excited. Heck, even complete strangers are excited for you. And with all of that excitement comes a lot of unsolicited advice, thoughts, and really weird questions.


Before you know it, you're answering questions related to your pregnancy and growing baby bump on autopilot. Some comments you hear over and over, and others are so bizarre they catch you off guard. Either way, your inner monologue is completely different than the polite answer you offer out loud (that is, unless you understandably snap).

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Don't worry, you're not alone in feeling like you'll explode if one more person weighs in on your baby registry or even gently asks how you're feeling. Here's what we're all really thinking when a comment regarding our burgeoning bumps is made.

1. "You look like you're ready to pop!" (When you're less than seven months along.)

2. "Do you mind if I feel your belly?"

3. "You must be having a girl. Girls steal your beauty."

4. "Wait, you didn't need fertility treatments? Seriously? But you're older."

5. "Which hospital will you delivering at? That's too bad. Here are all of the reasons the one I delivered at is so much better."

6. "OMG -- you haven't started a baby registry yet? Hope you're ready by the time the baby arrives."

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7. "You're still pregnant? I can't believe you haven't had the baby yet!"

8. "Another boy? Sorry."

9. "Are you going to eat the placenta?"

10. "Look a that belly! You must be having twins."

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