15 Moms Who've Had Miscarriages Share How They Got Through It

Young and old

When you're pregnant, there's often an unspoken joy that overwhelms you as you start to think about the life you're housing inside your body. There's excitement, a bit of nervousness, and warmth that fills your soul. But there's also a side to pregnancy many women will experience that can feel dark and helpless: miscarriage.


The American Pregnancy Association says that 10 to 25 percent of (clinically recognized) pregnancies will end in a miscarriage -- proving pregnancy loss happens more often than you think. And though no book or study guide can truly prepare you for such an emotional journey, it's important for women to know they don't have to walk alone.

Mothers, including members from our CafeMom community, are opening up about the pain of a pregnancy loss and the advice they want to give other moms who are going through it. Hopefully, this will help other women in this situation know that you're not alone -- and feel reassured to hold on to hope.

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