Mom Serves as a Surrogate for Her Best Friend in Beautiful Birth Photos

Liz Alterman | Mar 3, 2017 Pregnancy

Kris Baum Photography

Watching a friend struggle with infertility leaves you feeling sad and helpless. Mom Jeni Mitchell gave her best friend a lifechanging gift when she offered to serve as a surrogate so Calie Fletcher and her husband, Michael, could welcome a second child into their family. The photos of this remarkable and awesome act of selflessness were captured by photographer Kris Baum of Kris Baum Photography

Here's how the awe-inspiring situation came about: After multiple rounds of IVF, Calie gave birth to her son, Kai. But because of complications following the delivery via emergency C-section, the mom underwent a hysterectomy. Knowing how much she wanted to have another child, doctors did everything they could to save her uterus. But after three rounds of IVF in an attempt to conceive failed, Calie was on the verge of abandoning hope of ever becoming a mom of two. 

That's when Jeni, Calie's friend for two decades, stepped up and offered to carry her child for her. These intimate portraits illustrate the love between these women who value motherhood -- and sisterhood -- for the beautiful wonders they are. 

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