15 Rare Baby Girl Names Inspired by the Magic of Paris

Girl with beret
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If you close your eyes and concentrate hard enough, you might be able to (virtually) transport yourself to the City of Lights -- that is, Paris, France. But, even if you don't have your passport ready, or the time to dedicate a vacation wandering around the French capital, you can bring a piece of Paris home by choosing a Parisian baby name -- and you don't have to parle français to enjoy these attractive titles. (Woohoo!)


Emily Cardoza, a blogger at of BabyNameWizard.com, has identified the most chic and sophisticated baby names that have been big hits in Paris.

"The following names made the top 200 in Paris .... but are relatively obscure on American shores," notes Emily. "They're melodic and multisyllabic, familiar but not faddish."

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Here's Emily's list of Parisian-inspired baby names for girls that might seem unfamiliar, but are totally impressionnant (that's French for "awesome").

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