15 Rare Baby Girl Names Inspired by the Magic of Paris

Tanvier Peart | Mar 3, 2017 Pregnancy

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If we closes our eyes and concentrate hard enough, we might be able to (virtually) transport ourselves to the City of Lights -- that is, Paris, France. But, even for those of us who don't have our passports ready, or the time to dedicate a vacation wandering around the French capital, we can all bring a piece of Paris home by choosing a Parisian baby name -- and a person doesn't have to parle français (that's "speak French") to enjoy these attractive titles. (Woohoo!)

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Want to find the perfect baby name for a petite princesses? We spoke with Emily Cardoza, a blogger at of BabyNameWizard.com, who identified the most chic and sophisticated baby names that have been big hits in Paris. And we have to admit it, we love them too! 

"The following names made the top 200 in Paris .... but are relatively obscure on American shores," notes Emily. "They're melodic and multisyllabic, familiar but not faddish." Which is parfait ("perfect") for a name that is French-inspired, but not too overboard. 

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Here's Emily's list of Parisian-inspired baby names for girls that might seem unfamiliar, but are totally impressionnant (that's French for "awesome"). 

  • Celestine


    Fans of the French Celeste will have a ball with Celestine. Once considered a popular name during the 1920s, Celestine (the name is actually Latin for "heavenly") is what Emily Cardoza of BabyNameWizard.com calls "ethereal" and "exciting." It's very unique!

  • Louise


    The French and refined Louise comes to us from Louis and means "famous in war." Aside from being classic and stylish, the name Louise has "attractive features," Emily notes -- like giving us the cute nickname Lulu. 

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  • Victoire


    You might look at Victoire and think it's a fancy alternative to Victory, but this French name is actually pronounced vic-TWA -- though Victoire does pull inspiration from the Latin Victoria that means, you guessed it, "victory." This is a pretty kick-ass baby name that gives us all sorts of Parisian vibes. Victoire. Just let that roll off your tongue.

  • Raphaelle


    "Lyrical and impassioned, Raphaelle [pronounced ra-phaël-le] calls to mind artistic creations and fashionable individuals," notes Emily Cardoza. "Raphaelle also has a religious aspect via the eponymous, healing archangel." We can dig it!

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  • Valentine


    Romantics at heart will fall in love with Valentine over and over and over again. Hailing from the Latin Valentinus that comes from valens ("strong" or "vigorous"), Valentine is a charming title that doesn't get the attention it deserves. "...This romantic choice has a friendly attitude about it," Emily Cardoza, blogger at BabyNameWizard.com, mentions. We're fans of the name Valentine as it evokes feelings of love, hearts, and all things pretty.

  • Romane


    Romane is the feminine version of the classic and sturdy Roman. "Reminiscent of handsome Roman and polished Simone, Romane still has its own unique personality," Emily Cardoza of BabyNameWizard.com notes. "Though it can shorten to adorable Romy, its length and sonority allow it to grow along with the wearer."

  • Margaux


    Pronounced MARHR-goh, Margaux is a catchy alternative to Margaret, or the elegant Margot. And as you might've guessed, Margaux is a popular option for Parisians and the French at heart. "While the established Margot has blossomed in the United States, Parisians prefer this chic, geographic spelling -- the village of Margaux has become famous for its wines," Emily Cardoza mentions.

  • Suzanne


    Ah, Suzanne. The French variant of Susan, Suzanne (the Z makes it fancy) is attractive and quite fragrant as the name pulls inspiration from the Hebrew Soshana that means "a lily." And, according to Emily Cardoza, it seems the French capital has fully embraced the title. "A lovely honorific for a familial Susan, Suzanne is still associated with mid-century fashions for many," says Emily. "Paris, however, has reclaimed it wholeheartedly!"

  • Leonie


    At a quick glance, you might think the name Leonie is pronounced "Lenny," but it's actually "Lay-OH-nee," which gives this Parisian name extra zip. The French form of the Latin Leon, Leonie will evoke your daughter's inner "lion" -- so watch out!

  • Clemence


    "Oh, my darlin', oh, my darlin', oh my darlin', Clementine ..." Wait, wrong name. Clemence, pronounced CLAY-mahnz, will likely remind you of the name Clementine, but comes with its own twist. "Now that Southern belle Clementine has begun to multiply, might its French cousin Clemence attain notice?" Emily Cardoza wonders. "Both names come from the Latin root clemens meaning 'gentle'; fitting, since Clemence's soft sound is another positive trait." You can't deny its uniqueness.

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  • Berenice


    Not to be confused with Bernice, Berenice is a baby name that peaked during the '90s in the US and has since seen a revival thanks to the film The Artist, which won five Academy Awards. "When The Artist hit American theaters in 2011, audiences were struck by the talented and beautiful actress Berenice Bejo," Emily Cardoza reveals. "The name is derived from the same root as Veronica, and pronounced 'Beh-reh-NIECE.'" Greek for "she who brings victory," Berenice is an adorable baby name Parisians can't help but love.

  • Constance


    Children can be a "constant" joy (and sometimes pain, if we're being honest) in our lives, and the baby name Constance is a beautiful reflection of this notion. Derived from the French Constantia, which comes from the Latin word constans and means "standing together," Constance is a vintage and unforgettable choice that's all about unity. 

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  • Leonore


    Can you guess what the name Leonore is a short name for? Here's a hint: It begins with the letter E. As Emily Cardoza notes on BabyNameWizard.com, Leonore is the French form of Eleanor that "prefers maturity to whimsy and high culture to quirkiness." Known as a royal name in Europe, Leonore is a unique baby name choice that can stand the test of time.

  • Mathilde


    If you love Matilda, you're going to flip over the French variant, Mathilde. Pronounced ma-TEEL, this precious title comes from the Old High German Mahthilda that means "powerful in battle" -- which is pretty kick ass. Emily Cardoza from BabyNameWizard.com thinks Mathilde has a "headstrong vibe" that can appeal to moms and dads "who like confident imported names like Ingrid or Adelaide." Très élégant!

  • Apolline


    Does this baby name tickle at your inner geek Greek? It should. Apolline, pronounced ap-oll-EEN, is the French variant of the Greek Apollo, which honors the mythical sun god who also happened to be a lover of music and poetry. "Its melody is similar to Adeline or Caroline, but it's more poetic and sophisticated," Emily Cardoza mentions. "If the long form is too much for daily use, try Polly or Lina."

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