The Story Behind These Incredible Shots of a Mom Giving Birth in Her Car

mom gives birth in car
Jaiden Photography

Stephanie Knowles was on pins and needles waiting for the call to photograph her first birth. She never expected to end up in a parking lot with her camera in hand as a baby entered the world. But then neither did the mom and dad whose photo -- snapped in the moments after their son arrived in the world, in the front seat of their car! -- has quickly gone viral. 


The Florida photographer and owner of Jaiden Photography tells CafeMom she arrived at Noah and Lauren Strunk's home to dim lights and classical music. Forty-five minutes later, the trio were headed to the hospital. But when they hit the circular driveway at the main entrance, and Noah ran to the passenger door to help his wife, time ran out. 

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"As soon as he opened the door, she said, 'Something's happening; you have to deliver him,' and he did!" Knowles says. "They are both so amazing, in this moment and in general. They were planning on a natural birth, just not in the parking lot."

woman gives birth in car
Jaiden Photography

Says Knowles, "When he opened the door, I immediately jumped out and grabbed my camera. I didn't know whether I should help or start shooting ... debated it for a split second to help, but my photographer instinct came in, and I just started capturing every moment as it happened!"

mom delivers baby in car
Jaiden Photography

Lauren and the little guy are both doing just fine, despite the dramatic entry. We can't wait to see more photos from this photographer -- wonder how her next birth will go!?

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