11 Photos of Badass Moms in Labor Giving Their 'Birth Roar'

mom roar
Ashley Marston Photography

If one has ever stubbed her toe or banged her knee and yelled out reflexively, she'll know that a good scream does wonders for her pain tolerance. Now think how good it feels to let loose with a roar when giving birth. We found some amazing pictures of women letting out a primal roar while pushing babies earth side. These pictures are raw, beautiful, and full of emotion. Read on to see the amazing experience! 

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Call it a mom roar or a birth roar, that sound echoing through the maternity ward is just a bit more proof that birthing women are some of the most powerful beings on earth. As they do the hard work to bring a baby earth side, many women find it helpful, effective, and even cathartic to let out a loud howl from within. Several birth photographers from around the world have captured the magical moment when a laboring mom finds that might deep down within and brings it forth. The images aren't just powerful ... they're primal.

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Listen closely while perusing these images, and one might just hear the roars. Read on to see these amazing, primal photos, because mama's are strong! 

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