A Way to Swaddle Baby: Take It or Leave It?

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Time for Take It or Leave It Tuesday, moms-to-be, where you weigh in on must-have items for your baby registry. Last week, it was the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier (most moms said they'd leave it.) This week it's a way to swaddle your baby.

When I was in the hospital, I remember being soooo impressed with the skilled and speedy way the nurses wrapped our babies up snug and tight -- like a little baby burrito. And when I got home, I used a Miracle Blanket with both of my children and found swaddling helpful in getting them to sleep in those first early weeks. But I know moms who didn't find swaddling useful, too -- or who didn't use a special blanket to do it.

The Miracle Blanket is one way to swaddle baby -- but there's the SwaddleBaby blanket and others, too. Let's see what you have to say.

Item: A way to swaddle baby

Cost: About $20 - $35, depending on the blanket

What It Does: It helps wrap baby snugly for sleep-time

Pros: Some moms feel it minimizes newborn flailing of arms and legs, allowing for better sleep

Cons: Once you get the hang of wrapping, you could swaddle your baby (if you find it works for your kid) in a regular blanket, free of charge

What do you think?


Do you have a special blanket for baby swaddling on your registry?

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