Mom Gives Birth to 11-Pound Baby at Home in Powerful Photo Series

Mom Gives Birth to 11-Pound Baby at Home in Powerful Photo Series
Image: Laura Fifield Photography

home birth photography
Laura Fifield Photography

Giving birth is a tremendous accomplishment no matter where and how it happens, but giving birth at home ... to an 11-pound-baby ... with no pain meds?! That's just plain superhuman. It's also what one mom and doula named Natalie did -- and lucky for the rest of us, birth photographer Laura Fifield documented the once-in-a-lifetime event for all the world to see! Is it fair to call this mom a hero? Yup, we're calling it, this woman is a HERO. 

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"It was a beautiful, family-centered birth," Fifield told CafeMom. And from the gorgeous pictures she took, we'd have to agree. Mom and dad labored in a private, home-based birth where dad acted as doula. Talk about a test of a marriage! 

Natalie delivered her son Simon at 40 weeks and 6 days; he was born weighing 11 pounds. How did this strong mama do such a feat? These intimate photos reveal that though there was pain, there was also beauty. 

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Not to mention the images are unforgettable! This photographer truly made this incredible moment an art. Check out Fifield's photos to get a firsthand glimpse of this incredible experience. 

  • Warrior Stance

    home birth
    Laura Fifield Photography

    "Her demeanor was so calm yet powerful at the same time," Fifield said of her subject. You'd definitely need both strength and focus to pull off a birth like this one!

  • A Beautiful Bump

    home birth
    Laura Fifield Photography

    When Simon was still safely in his mama's belly, no one had any idea he would end up being quite such a big boy! As Natalie told BabyCenter, when the midwife weighed her baby, everyone's jaws dropped. 

    "We all broke out in laughter, as my midwife informed me that is the largest baby she had ever delivered," she told the site.

  • Mermaid Mama

    home birth
    Laura Fifield Photography

    Natalie's decision to labor in a tub was a good one: Water births have been shown to lower blood pressure in moms and reduce the incidence and severity of tearing. 

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  • Helping Hands

    home birth
    Laura Fifield Photography

    Natalie had a tremendous job to do, but at least she had a tremendous amount of support, too.

    "Her husband, acting as doula, was in tune with what she needed," said Fifield. 

  • Underwater Ink

    Laura Fifield Photography

    Of course no woman worries too much about looking cool when she's in labor, but Natalie did manage to look pretty badass in her birthing tub with her gorgeous tattoos, black top, and pendant!

  • Overwhelming Emotion

    Laura Fifield Photography

    The intensity of Simon's arrival was felt by everyone present.

    "This birth was so empowering to be at," said Fifield. "No internal checks, no exams, no tearing with an 11 lb, 2 oz baby!"

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  • Baby Love

    home birth
    Laura Fifield Photography

    Is there anything more irresistible than a delicious bundle of brand new baby?

    "Oh, his rolls!" said Fifield. "So chunky!"

  • A Soothing Soak

    home birth bath
    Laura Fifield Photography

    After such a dramatic entrance, both Natalie and Simon deserved a little rest and relaxation.

    "The herbal bath mom and baby took at the end was soothing and calming for both," said Fifield.

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  • A Family Affair

    Laura Fifield Photography

    The look of blissful relief and joy on Natalie's face says it all! As she told BabyCenter, "I proved it to myself, and those around me, that this physiological birth does happen so naturally and beautifully for many women." 

  • The Tie That Binds

    umbilical cord
    Laura Fifield Photography

    Among the many things that made this birth unique, according to Fifield, was the particularly striking appearance of the umbilical cord.

    "That cord! The way it curled was so beautiful," she said. "I have never seen a cord like it!"

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