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17 Throwback Baby Girl Names With Unique Vintage Cred

Pregnancy Tanvier Peart Feb 24, 2017

Little fairy; sweet ballerina with fluffy pink skirt and flower

There's definitely something about the old days that stirs up feelings of elegance and grandeur. For any parents-to-be who might be zeroing in those feelings left over from the Victorian era or that wonderful Jazz Age, history can still teach us a thing or two -- including in the realm of baby names.

"Old-fashioned names can be sturdy, quirky, or playful," notes Laura Wattenberg, BabyNameWizard.com founder. "But if there's one feeling that's best captured by an antique, it's elegance -- like the elegance of a long gown back in the days when gowns were still more clothing than costume."

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Laura has identified a series of baby names for girls with "throwback elegance" that she believes will exhibit true staying power in modern times. As Laura says, "A new group is rising and pushing the opulence and literary style even further."

Here's a look at some of our favorite baby girl names that might be a little vintage, but still exude style and sophistication.

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Little fairy; sweet ballerina with fluffy pink skirt and flower

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Now here's a baby name that's quite colorful. Coralie, pronounced KOHR-ə-lee, might have you envisioning a snorkeling expedition off an Australian coast -- and for good reason. Coralie is French for "coral" (surprise, surprise!), which could inspire you to take a dive in the ocean or use this pinkish hue in your home as an accent color. 

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Not only did Oscar winner Octavia Spencer give this name the thumbs up, but it was also a hit in the 1880s, with 101 per million babies bestowed the name Octavia (pronounced ahk-TAY-vee-ə). Latin for "eighth," Octavia has strong ties to history, as it was also a common title used in the Roman Imperial family. It's regal, catchy, and not a name you hear every day.



Anyone a fan of ancient Egypt? If so, you might like the name Isadora. Inspired by Isis, the Egyptian goddess of fertility, Isadora is the female form of Isidoros that means "gift of Isis." Isadora also has ties to Greek, as it hails from dōron, which means "gift." 

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If you love unusual names with great meaning, feast your eyes on this beauty. Ariadne, pronounced a-ree-AD-nee (or ah-ree-AHD-nee for a little more flavor), is a Greek mythological character whose name means "devout" or "very holy one." This is a unique title that grants dreamy nicknames like Ari and Aria.



Most of us think of a certain Shakespearean tragedy whenever we hear the name Juliet -- which puts us in the arena of accepting the French variant, Juliette. A diminutive of Julie that means "downy-bearded," Juliette is a classy name with true staying power.

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Children are truly the gift that keeps on giving. If you're looking for a name to reflect that, hone in on Theodora. Greek for "God's gift," this name combines the Greek theos (God) and dōron (gift), which kinda makes it perfect. Theodora was a hit during the '20s, and we think it will continue to make a splash today.

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The name Valentina is a nostalgic choice that definitely makes for a fashionable title -- assuming you're into the whole designer thing. But what's interesting about the name Valentina is its meaning. Inspired by the Latin Valentinus that comes from valens, Valentina means "strong" and "powerful," which are perfect attributes you want your daughter to have.

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Children make the world a happier place -- no matter how many times they drive you nuts. One throwback name that helps reassert this notion is the classic Beatrice. Inspired from the Latin beatrix, Beatrice means "she who brings happiness," which is a darling title for any little girl. Plus, lovers of the name Beatrice can use cute short names like Bea and Bebe.

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Flower-inspired baby names will forever have a fragrant aroma among parents. One option expectant moms and dads should consider is Magnolia, which was all the rage bloom during the 1900s. And if that doesn't sway ya, Magnolia is a great baby name choice for parents who love Chip and Joanna Gaines (Fixer Upper) and their ever-growing Magnolia brand.



Greek mythology aficionados will recognize Apollo as the sun god and lover of music and medicine who was likely all the rage around Mount Olympus. And, should you want a fierce alternative for your little goddess-in-training, consider Apollonia, which definitely packs a punch. Apollonia is strong, timeless, and a throwback baby name no one will ever forget.



It's safe to assume that almost every parent wants his or her child to be a "light" in this world who shines as "bright" as possible. Well, you just might be able to achieve this -- figuratively speaking -- by bestowing Eleanora upon your daughter. As the name is inspired by the Greek Helenē that comes from ēlē, your special girl can be a guiding light who will pass the "torch" to others -- hopefully spreading kindness and all of that good stuff.

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