15 Baby Names Inspired by the YA Books We Grew Up Reading

80s and 90s YA
Harper; Scholastic; Scholastic

There are few things that evoke such strong and poignant memories as the books from our youth do. There was some truly amazing young-adult literature that we were lucky enough to grow up with, and we not only want to introduce those stories to our children -- we're also finding baby name inspiration in them, too.


(While some of these books may border on the younger-reader side, we couldn't help but include a few classic children's novels with fantastic character names that are just begging for consideration.)

So kick back, relax, and read on for 15 examples from some YA faves of our past that might jog a memory or two for you. See if you recognize any books you love, and maybe you'll find the perfect moniker for your future son or daughter.

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