13 Baby Girl 'Nicknames' That Make Adorable First Names

Tanvier Peart | Feb 10, 2017 Pregnancy
13 Baby Girl 'Nicknames' That Make Adorable First Names
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Baby names. Baby names. Baby names. Maybe if we say it three times, the ideal title for our LO on the way will instantly appear -- kinda like Beetlejuice? (Just a thought.) Choosing the perfect baby name can be super hard, which is why we're taking a look at these adorable names that started out as nicknames -- or just sound like they did! Trust us when we say that nicknames are the hottest baby name trend. 

And choosing a nickname as a first name isn't a bad idea, right?

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As Laura Wattenberg of BabyNameWizard.com points out, these baby names boast a ton of nickname style that could make them the perfect option for our baby girl.

"The names are light, friendly, and cheerful, and usually easy to spell and pronounce -- they come across as straightforward and likable," she says. "Some of them can be used as short forms of longer names .... But all are perfectly complete in themselves, and will usually be taken that way."

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Here are some of Laura's top "nickname" name choices that parents might want to consider for their daughter. We promise that these names are unique, gorgeous, and totally original -- just like mama and dad's little girl! 

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  • Britt

    Cute baby girl is blowing a dandelion
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    Can you guess the origin of this nickname? It's pretty obvious. Aside from being a short name to Brittany, Britt is also a variation of the English surname Brett -- as well as a shortened alternative to the Swedish Birgit that means "high goddess." It's a mouthful to remember, so just know Britt is a pretty awesome baby name choice for your little girl.

  • Orly

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    Orly, pronounced OHR-lee, is a melodious baby name with royal undertones: Orly is a nickname for the Irish Orla that means "golden princess." Hopefully this title helps to raise your spirits, as the -ly ending gives us cheery vibes.

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  • Elle

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    Elle continues to be a beloved baby name that climbs the popularity charts. A common nickname for Ellen or Elizabeth, Elle, pronounced EHL, is a French baby name (Elle means "she") that's modern and quite chic.

  • Shea

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    Shea is a baby name that's soft and reminds you to moisturize your skin. Comandeered from the Irish Shay that means "the stately or dauntless one," Shea is considered a pet name of Shamus, the Irish form of James that means "seizing by the heel." Dauntless. Seizing by the heel. You might have a Divergent heroine on your hands.

  • Zara

    Happy black baby in a flower wreath.

    Zara is a common nickname for Zahara that's full of fragrant meaning. It's deeply rooted in the Arabic zahra that means "flower" or "blossom" -- which is totally sweet should you want an alternative to floral-inspired names like Rose or Violet.

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  • Lena

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    Can you guess the origin of the name Lena? If you said Helena, we'll give you partial credit, as BabyNameWizard.com notes Lena is a nickname for Magdalena that comes from Magdala, a town on the Sea of Galilee. Yup, there's more to Lena than meets the eye.

  • Wren

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    Lovers of music will migrate to the name Wren. Noted as a songbird, Wren comes from the Old English wrenna and rivals popular bird names like Robin and Raven.

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  • Amy

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    Shocked to see Amy made the list of possible nickname-inspired baby names? Well surprise, surprise. Aside from some peeps using Amy as a short name for Bellamy, Amy comes from the Middle English Amye and Old French Aimee that means "beloved."

  • Gwyn

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    Aww, how cute is the baby name Gwyn? (It's so good!) A common nickname for Celtic titles like Guinevere, Gwendolen, and Gwyneth, Gwyn is a striking name that also happens to mean "fair" and "blessed." You can't go wrong with that, right?

  • Ivy

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    In many ways, kids have many things in common with ivy. They climb, they creep up on you, and if left unkept, they can be hard to tame at times. Ivy is a stunning baby name that continues to grow in popularity as it does in height. And in case you're wondering, the name Ivy comes from the Old English ifig that means "climber."

  • Holly

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    Keeping with the y-ending baby name tradition is the classic Holly. Aside from being a wonderful holiday decoration, Holly is a piercing baby name that comes from the Old English holegn that means "to prick." Watch out.

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  • Daisy

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    Did you know that Daisy is a nickname for Margaret, inspired by the French Marguerite that means "flower"? It's true! Daisy also comes from the Old English dæges eage that means "day's eye," which doesn't exactly make you think about fresh blooms, but does make sense with the Daisy reference -- considering its petals open around daybreak. 

  • Tru

    Beautiful baby with a lovely toy. The child in the crib.

    Can you believe this is a baby name? It's Tru. (Ba dum tss.) Noted as a nickname for Trudy and a diminutive of Truman, Tru, pronounced TROO, is English for the "loyal one" and a name people will never forget.

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