'He Wants More Babies but I'm Done': 10 Couples Who Disagree on Family Size

couple arguing

My husband has two kids from his first marriage. We have two children together, so we are a blended family of six. He's been parenting for over two decades now and is 100 percent unequivocally DONE with the baby stage. I'm -- well, I'm done because he is. 


Generally speaking, I'm fine with our family's being complete. But I'd be lying if I didn't confess that there are times when I could imagine adding just one more little person to the mix. I suspect that if I had a spouse who was open to it, I'd be pretty easily persuaded to get pregnant again. 

But he isn't, so we're done. 

The interesting thing about the whole "are we done with kids" conversation is that this is one of the few marital conversations where compromise really isn't an option. You either have another child or you don't, so if you have two partners in different places on this issue, someone is going to have to end up disappointed. 

I talked to 10 moms who've dealt with not being in agreement with their partners about adding another kid to the family to find out how they navigated this super important but really tricky situation. Read on for some very candid reflections of how the thought of another baby changed, and in once case ENDED, some marriages. 

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