15 Baby Boy 'Nicknames' That Make Kickass First Names

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One of the many benefits to choosing a good baby name is the ability to have a memorable nickname we can use over and over (and over) again. But what happens if the very nickname we look forward to using starts to sound better than the actual name? We should totally use it as the whole name -- DUH! Nicknames are a huge trend in baby names right now, so feel no shame in choosing these short monikers! 


"There are plenty of reasons to love nickname style," says Laura Wattenberg of BabyNameWizard.com. "The names are light, friendly, and cheerful, and usually easy to spell and pronounce. They come across as straightforward and likable." Sometimes these "nickname-style" names actually are derived from longer names, and sometimes they're just short and sweet names that seem like they could be nicknames.

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Aside from the obvious (being head over heels for our newfound sobriquet), there are no rules in the realm of baby names. Who says one has to choose a title that's expected or stays with the grain? 'Cause heaven knows if we did that, we wouldn't have some of the awesome and unique baby names that we have today. Here's a look at some of Laura's top picks for boy names in the "nickname" style -- they're too good to pass up!

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