11 Surprising Tricks to Getting Pregnant Fast

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Once you've decided to start trying for a baby, you want to get pregnant fast. Not because the "trying" part isn't fun, obviously, but because you're so ready. Unfortunately, when it comes to all the tricks and tips that purport to speed up conception, you'll probably hear a lot of crazy myths. (For the record, you don't have to have an orgasm, and taking cough syrup won't boost your fertility.)


Before trying, see your OB for a preconception counseling visit. "[This visit] can probably improve your chances of conception," says Heather Rupe, DO, board-certified OB/GYN and WebMD contributor. "Your OB can help you maximize healthy choices and make sure that none of your current medical issues might affect your pregnancy."

But there are other lesser-known tips and tricks that could help you get pregnant faster. Here, 11 that studies and experts stand by. You probably haven't heard all of these.

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