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21 Bizarre Baby Names We Can't Believe Are Real

Pregnancy Tanvier Peart Jan 27, 2017

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Expectant parents have been known to fall in love with all sorts of baby names. Some moms and dads will choose a title that's been in their families for years. Some will pick one they saw online or in a book, or even just heard in passing. And then there are future mommies- and daddies-to-be who love going against the grain by choosing a baby name that's really ... different. We can neither confirm nor deny if these are good baby names, but hey, it's important to see what's out there!

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Laura Wattenberg is the founder of BabyNameWizard.com, and she's identified a number of baby names many of us would think are fake, but are actually real names people can use -- or are using.

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As Laura notes, "Some [of these baby names] may make [people] laugh, but if so I hope it's in a good-spirited way. Think of them as a fabulous bouquet from America's naming garden. Remember that each of these names has been chosen, with love, by multiple American families -- most of them dozens of times, some of them hundreds or even thousands of times." We guess we'll quiet our disbelief. As the old adage goes: One man's trash is another man's treasure! Curious to know which names made the cut? Let's find out...

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Once noted as America's strangest baby name, Zzyzx is a title you certainly WON'T hear on a daily basis. Pronounced Zay-Zix, Zzyzx is known as "the last word in the English language" and wins all the name keychains for creativity -- assuming you can find a Zzyzx keychain, that is.



Wow, oh wow, oh wow -- Velveeta. As BabyNameWizard.com writes, Velveeta is a "household name" some parents might choose for their little bundle of joy. And while you don't need to be tolerant of lactose to enjoy this title, Velveeta is an ultra-rare choice that could be super cute!



Some names are better left as cute family-only nicknames, but it seems Chubby is one some parents actually want to use as an official title. Laura Wattenberg of BabyNameWizard.com notes Chubby is a "less than flattering" boy name that could find its way on a few baby name shortlists. Chubby. Hmm ... maybe?

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Want your daughter to know how "splendid" and "sensational" she is? Name her Marvelous! Believe it or not, Marvelous is a baby name choice full of good spirit and wonder.

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Look -- up in the sky! It's a bird. It's a plane. It's ... Lex! Superman fans and comic enthusiasts alike will make room for this villain-inspired baby name on their shortlist. Lex, pronounced LEHKS, is an edgy, gender-neutral baby name that also happens to be the name of Superman's nemesis. It's an abbreviated form of Alexander, which means "defending men."

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"Hey, Sangria. Would you mind bringing me another pitcher?" Kidding. Sangria might be a tasty Spanish drink (it's pretty yummy), but apparently it makes for a great baby name, too. Laura Wattenberg believes Sangria is an "intoxicating" baby name that earns a spot on this list. 



Um, okay -- let's roll with this. If there was a poster child for baby names that represent "the dark side," Demon is definitely it. Defined as an "evil spirit" or "devil," Demon is an interesting choice for a baby name that will definitely turn heads. Parents who like the sound of Demon (we're not here to judge) but don't want to bestow it on their child -- for obvious social backlash -- can also consider the alternative, Demond.

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If you're a fan of Ferrari as a baby name, there might be a chance you'll like Corvette, too. Laura Wattenberg of BabyNameWizard.com lists Corvette as an unusual but garage-inspired baby name option moms and dads might love. Honk if you agree!



Giving your child a name of opulence and wealth isn't anything new, but this baby name, Stellar, deserves its own stock. Pulling inspiration from the Latin stella that means "star," Stellar is an intergalactic baby name choice that's truly out of this world.



Does this baby name inspire you to sweep a few floors before you're whisked off to a fabulous party in a magical pumpkin? Cinderella might sound like a title fit for a Disney princess, but it's actually a baby name that is in fact quite real. French for "little ash-girl," Cinderella is a unique choice that's definitely a classic.

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You know, this baby name kinda makes sense, given all the love we have for Star Wars. Darth, inspired by the Sith Lord Darth Vader, is dark, a little eerie, and a baby name that will make you geek out. Though Laura Wattenberg notes Darth as a "fan-boy dark side name," little girls can get in on the action by using the name Darthula.

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Hey now! Here's a baby that will make you sleep with the fishes if you aren't careful. As Laura Wattenberg notes, Capone is a baby name that represents "the gang" -- as in, the mob. For those who need a refresher course in all things mobster, (Al) Capone was the infamous leader of a Chicago mafia who donned the nickname "Scarface" with marks to match. He was definitely a bad boy and truly gangster.

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Doesn't it feel like we've heard the name Aquanette before? It's an unusual name, but one that flows -- as the baby name Aquanette comes from the Latin aqua that means "water." Should you have love for all things nautical, give this one a try.



All of us at some point believed in magical creatures (maybe you still do), which could make Fairy a top contender for your baby's name. Fairies are fun mythical creatures (seriously, who doesn't love Tinkerbell?) that give us all the feels -- and possibly your baby, should you decide it's the title you want to bestow on your daughter.

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