21 Bizarre Baby Names You Won't Believe Are Real

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Expectant parents have been known to fall in love with all sorts of baby names. Some moms and dads will choose a title that's been in their families for years. Some will pick one they saw online or in a book, or even just heard in passing. And then there are future mommies- and daddies-to-be who love going against the grain by choosing a baby name that's really ... different.


Laura Wattenberg is the founder of BabyNameWizard.com, and she's identified a number of baby names many of us would think are fake, but are actually real names people can use -- or are using.

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As Laura notes, "Some [of these baby names] may make you laugh, but if so I hope it's in a good-spirited way. Think of them as a fabulous bouquet from America's naming garden. Remember that each of these names has been chosen, with love, by multiple American families -- most of them dozens of times, some of them hundreds or even thousands of times."

Curious to know which names made the cut? Let's find out!

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