16 Baby Boy Names That Will Be Insanely Popular in 2017

Tanvier Peart | Jan 20, 2017 Pregnancy
16 Baby Boy Names That Will Be Insanely Popular in 2017
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Choosing the perfect baby name can be a hard, frustrating, nerve-racking process that has been known to drive many expectant mommies nuts. Well, cross your eyes no more, because we have a treat for you! (That is, depending on whether or not you're expecting a boy.)

CafeMom reached out to Laura Wattenberg, founder of BabyNameWizard.com, to find out which baby names for boys are going to be on trend this year.

"The names I chose all have individual momentum in the popularity stats, plus fit into hot style categories parents are looking for," Laura notes.

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In addition to researching baby name data and trends using national statistics from the US Social Security Administration, Laura also kept an ear to parenting discussions within the BabyNameWizard.com community to help inspire her list.

We're so in love with this list of boy baby names and think there are some great gems you'll want to add to your shortlist.

  • Bodhi

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    Aww -- hey, little Bodhi boy! Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green (you know, David Silver from Beverly Hills, 90210?) were onto something when they named their second son Bodhi. It's so fresh and carefree! What's also cool about Bodhi is its meaning. Sanskrit for "awakening" and "enlightenment," Bodhi is an illuminating title that's perfect for any little boy.

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  • Asher

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    Asher might not be an English baby name (it's actually Hebrew for "happy" or "blessed"), but it earns a spot on BabyNameWizard.com's list of "quirky classic" baby names for boys -- and will be one of the most popular baby names of 2017. Asher is a sleek title that catches both your eyes and your ears: "While most classic English boys' names have a square solidity to them, the 'quirky classics' have unconventional contours and a mischievous streak," notes Wattenberg on BabyNameWizard.com.

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  • Killian

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    Killian earns a top spot on Laura's list of baby names that will be uber popular in 2017 and scores style points for grandeur. But don't let this Irish surname fool you -- Killian packs a serious punch, as it means "war" or "strife."

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  • Theodore

    What do you mean I can't go out?

    Theodore is one name that doesn't need an introduction. This presidential title was quite popular in the 1900s (hmm, wonder why?) and is set to make a serious comeback. Noted by BabyNameWizard.com as a "quirky classic" baby name, Theodore -- or Teddy for short (how cute) -- comes from the Greek Theodōros that means "God's gift."

  • Rhett

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    Baby names ending in double "T" have been popular for some time now, but there's something about the name Rhett that sounds ageless. It's noted as an English baby name that means "advice," and many people remember Rhett from a little movie called Gone With the Wind. 

  • Ezra

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    Many expectant parents look to the Bible for baby name inspiration, which makes Ezra a fine gender-neutral choice. Derived from the Hebrew ezrā that means "help," Ezra was a prophet in the Old Testament who led exiles back to Jersusalem.

    Helpful. Leader. Yup, these are great qualities you'll want your son to have.

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  • Legend

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    Parents in search of a baby name with prestige might want to consider Legend. As Laura Wattenberg of BabyNameWizard.com notes, "... new exalted names [like Legend] are emphatic, demanding that this child will be valued and respected." Interesting -- we like it! Plus, what parents wouldn't want their child to be a "legend"?

  • August

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    It's easy to assume that names inspired by months of the year would land on a list of baby names for girls -- but as you can see, that's just not always the case. August is a gender-fluid baby name that hails from the Latin august that means "great" or "venerable." It's also a title that earns a spot on BabyNameWizard.com's list of "quirky classic" baby names for boys.

  • Lincoln

    Happy Mixed Race Baby

    Joining Theodore on this list of popular baby boy names of 2017 is Lincoln. We love this name and the historical factor it brings, as Lincoln is a stately title that's full of power. It's believed this English surname has ties to the Latin colonia (colony) and Welsh llyn (lake), which loosely translates to "town by the pool."

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  • Everett

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    Feel drawn to the name Everett? You should. Laura Wattenberg notes Everett follows the hot letter "V" baby name trend that's going to be huge in 2017. Derived from the Old English Eoforheard that means "brave as a wild boar," Everett is a gender-neutral baby name that has real staying power.

  • Hendrix

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    Moms and dads are going to rock out to the name Hendrix. Inspired by the iconic Jimi Hendrix, Hendrix follows the rock star baby name trend that Laura Wattenberg notes is going to be highly favored this year. Aside from being a name to slay the stage, Hendrix has sovereignty, as it comes from the Old High German Haganrih (ruler of an enclosure) and Heimerich (home ruler).

  • Princeton

    The little prodigy
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    Princeton is a baby name option that's full of scholarly aptitude and bragging rights. Laura Wattenberg of BabyNameWizard.com notes Princeton is an exalted boy name that's both popular and powerful. English for "princely town," this baby name is one we think parents will flip for.

  • Tobias

    His snuggly, cuddly, nap buddy

    Fans of Hebrew-inspired baby names are going to love Tobias. Pronounced toh-BIY-əs, this adorable title comes from the Hebrew tōbhīyāh that means "God is good." Plus, Tobias gives us the pet name Toby that's a cuddly nickname for your little boy on the way.

  • Beau

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    Most people would love to have a beau of their own, and now expectant moms can -- by naming their son Beau. This French baby name is all the rave and means "pretty" or "handsome" -- which will perfectly describe your sweet bundle of joy.

  • Grayson

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    Grayson has been a baby name we've had on our list for some time, as it's the name of one of our favorite superheroes, Dick Grayson -- aka Robin, aka Nightwing. Laura Wattenberg happens to love this English baby name (it means "the son of a bailiff" -- which totally makes sense given the whole superhero angle), being that Grayson earned a spot on this list of popular 2017 baby names. We dig it!

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  • Kai

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    We have so much love for this charming baby name! Kai, pronounced Kye, might only use three letters, but it has an unbelievable sound that gives us wanderlust. Maybe the reason we're ready to pack our bags is because Kai is Hawaiian for "sea," which is pretty dreamy.

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