Mom Assists in Her Own C-Section -- See Her Amazing Photos

Birth Without Fear/Facebook

Many moms who have Cesareans say that they feel a bit disconnected from the delivery experience. If there's a curtain up, mothers are often the last one in the room to meet the child they've carried for nine months. But maternal-assisted Cesarean, in which a mom reaches in and helps deliver her own baby, is changing that. One mom shared the amazing photos of her C-section birth, which she, literally, had a hand in. Seeing her help deliver her own baby could definitely inspire moms to do the same.  


A mom named Sarah shared these glorious photos on the Birth Without Fear Facebook page. In her post, she writes that it was her plan all along to assist in her son Spencer's birth. We're so glad she got exactly what she wanted. Take a look. 

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How amazing is this part of her post: 

I reached down and put my hands under his arms and lifted the rest of him out of my own body. It was the most incredible thing I have ever done. 

I highly recommend you stick to your guns about what birth you want! Welcome earth side baby Spencer.

This is, of course, a once-in-a-lifetime sort of moment, but also probably not for the faint of heart. Not everyone would be able to see their insides and their new infant in the same moment and not feel a bit queasy.

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Sarah's story is inspiring for moms who want to feel more connected to their birth experience and their baby during a C-section. We're so happy for her that during her fourth delivery, she got exactly what she wanted. 

If the circumstances allow it and Mom is up for it, we certainly hope doctors are open to the idea of maternal-assisted Cesarean, because it truly seems like an amazing bonding moment for mom and baby.

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