Mom Gives Birth in the Bathroom While Waiting for an Oil Change

Plenty of parents are multitaskers, but this mom gives new meaning to doing two things at once. Amanda Sherman of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was getting an oil change when she suddenly gave birth in the car dealership's bathroom -- in the toilet, to be exact. We're all for speedy deliveries, but this three-minute labor might almost be too quick! 


Here's how a stunned Sherman explained the birth of her new daughter, Heather Lynn, to the Tribune-Review: "I went to pee and then, I don't know, I was all of the sudden holding her. I hollered for help, and some woman who happened to be a registered nurse came through the doors."

Wow, talk about great timing! This 24-year-old mom had to be in shock.  

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Fortunately Sherman's husband, Adam, was with her, and while he was completely caught off guard as well, he was able to follow the directions given to him by the 911 operator and tie off the baby's umbilical cord with his boot's shoelace.

Wow, this is a tale the family will no doubt enjoy telling for years to come! 

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Sherman and her 7 pound, 12 ounce baby girl were taken by ambulance to the hospital, where both were found to be in great health. We're glad to hear they're doing well, because most moms would cringe at the thought of their newborns touching the floor of a car dealership bathroom -- let alone being born in the toilet!

The mom, who also has a 14-month-old son and 5-year-old daughter, said she hardly felt any pain or contractions. 

"I still can't get over how fast it happened," she told the Tribune-Review.

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We've heard that with each subsequent pregnancy, labor and delivery take less and less time -- but three minutes has got to be some sort of record. 

This just proves you can write those birth plans 'til the cows come home, but there are times when baby has other ideas. We wish this growing family the best and hope the rest of 2017 is a little less shocking.

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