19 Rare & Unusual Baby Names From the Bible

Precious newborn baby sleeping peacefully with pink Bible

Expectant parents have been known to look just about anywhere for baby name inspiration, and whether you're religious or not, a great option to consider is the Bible. Aside from being a pretty long page-turner, this historic resource has some amazing baby name ideas for your bundle of joy -- some of which you probably didn't know exist. But have no fear, we're here for you.


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Noah. Mary. Joseph. Gabriel. Jacob. Jonah. Esther. Adam. Eve.

Yeah, we've heard of those before. Nothing wrong with them (at all), but we're thinking about uncommon biblical names that you might not find on a key chain at a travel store. Unique names that would require a Bible investigation, so they're guaranteed not to be common on the playground. Perfect! 

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We put on our detective hats and did a deep dive to find names that are truly unique. Names that are both meaningful and will sound special. Here's a look at some biblical baby names you don't hear every day -- or maybe didn't know came from the Bible -- that could be perfect for your daughter or son.

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