19 Cringeworthy Gender Reveal Fails That Are So Freaking Funny

Tanvier Peart | Jan 13, 2017 Pregnancy
19 Cringeworthy Gender Reveal Fails That Are So Freaking Funny

Micaela shares her gender reveal fail on Instagram

In addition to searching the ends of the earth for the perfect baby name and planning a shower a mom is really not supposed to help with, many expectant moms (and dads) look for creative ways to share their baby's gender with the masses. Sometimes it goes as planned, and sometimes ... well, let's just say it becomes a memory they'll never forget. These gender reveals started off with the best intentions, but we hate to admit this -- they turned out to sort of be fails.

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Gender reveals can be super awesome and a fun way to document the journey on the road to becoming a parent. In theory they are these big creative endeavors that parents spend weeks planning and turn into Instagram-worthy keepsake photos that will be cherished forever ... They can also be a pain in the ass -- or a hilarious experience, depending on a parent's sense of humor -- should things go terribly wrong. We can only imagine how these parents felt the moment they realized their gender reveals started taking a turn for the unexpected. At least they can use these mini catastrophes as stories to tell their kids. (There's always a bright side, right?) Click through to see our favorite fails! 

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