Magical Home Birth Photos Celebrate the Life-Giving Power of a Mother

Maryland mom shares touching home birth photos
Lindsey Welch Photography

Giving birth to a child in the comfort of your home surrounded by the people you love can make for an unforgettable experience. Abbey is a Maryland mom who made this decision more than once (she and her husband welcomed both their daughters at home) and was eager to do the same with her son on the way. Little did Mom know that her home birth, and the images a local photographer took, would showcase the miracle of childbirth in such an incredible way.


Lindsey Welch, a trained duola and owner of Lindsey Welch Photography, captured Abbey's home birth photos -- including an amazing photo of baby Nash nursing just above the placenta, the very lifeline that once united the pair.

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These photos of Abbey's home birth are mesmerizing and show raw emotion. If you're considering giving birth at home, you'll definitely want to take a look.

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